October 12, 2017

Contractors and designers have to deal with a lot in their everyday work. From challenging clients to impossible-to-work-with homes, home improvement professionals have one of the most difficult jobs. When the stakes get too high, and the stress takes over, you can see it in their work. Check out some of these hilarious design fails from over-worked designers and contractors.

1) Jumbled checkers

It’s amazing how much of a difference only two misplaced tiles can make.

2) Full Circle


3) Is it dirt? Or Bugs?

It’s important to look at the designs you place from all angles… (especially in a bathroom).


4) Eh, close enough

Maybe this one needs a little more work…

5) Smears

Maybe not the best design to put right next to a toilet.

6) Watch your step!



7) An OCD nightmare

This is actually trendy right now; however, this pattern may be a bit much for some.

8) Too much wood

Not sure what’s happening here. This one’s up to you…

9) Are they trying to drive us crazy?

Definitely not square!


10) A dime a dozen

“A penny for your thoughts”

11) Why are my tiles cracking?


Quality Installation and Design

One way to prevent installation fails like these is to work with quality materials that won’t give out on you. When you partner with the experts at Trinity Surfaces, we guarantee not only quality products, but quality service to all our clients. Check out some of the products we can provide you online, or email us today at for your free samples.

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This post was written by Matt Hepner