October 12, 2017

While tile vandalization is never encouraged, it can be enjoyed if it involves a funny grout pun. At Trinity Surfaces, we always make time for a little pun break. Check out the top 7 punniest grout puns we could find.

1) Is your internet down?

Bet you never thought you’d find of these in the bathroom.

2) Showing respect for our country

Where we’re free to vandalize bathrooms.

3) This pun is…

and we mean it!

4) This grout knows something you don’t

You just might be searching for it in the wrong places.

5) Beyond a…

do we know you’ll love these puns.

6) When we ask, ‘Do you love luxury flooring?’ You say:

Get it?

7) Potty mouth?

Hard to do when you’re in a bathroom…

Work with Grout Experts

It’s tough to prevent hooligans from vandalizing on your grout, but you have to admit some are pretty funny. When you partner with the experts at Trinity Surfaces, we guarantee quality products that will give your project such a feel of luxury, it will be impossible to write on. Check out some of the products we can provide you online, or email us today at for your free samples.

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This post was written by Matt Hepner

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