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March 4, 2020

When we think of AVA by Novalis, we think of quality flooring, innovative designs, and unparalleled industry experience. Those are just a few of the qualities that make the AVA team one of our favorite manufacturers to work with. Naturally, when there was an announcement that there were new designs on the way, the Trinity Surfaces team did a little happy dance. 

Luxury vinyl flooring met its soulmate in 1984, when the company was founded. Like any dynamic duo, the understanding of the craft and a sincere commitment to excellence continues to drive AVA forward today. 

The mission of AVA is simple: improve quality of life.

One way AVA improves quality of life through luxury vinyl flooring is by continuing to innovate. The cultivation of a “never satisfied” mindset pushes the boundaries of the industry in all the right ways. Currently, there are a number of gorgeous new products we are excited to share.

Luxury vinyl flooring will never be the same, thanks to AVA! Let’s dig a little deeper into these new products, shall we?


Standing strong against extreme temperatures, VEXX is in a class all its own. Along with its array of design capabilities (3 patterns and 19 colors), VEXX boasts stability to boot with pressure-resistant technology. Because of its toughness, VEXX is a great option for healthcare facilities, education buildings, and retail projects. Other spaces that call for supreme stability can also benefit from VEXX due to its strong standing against high-traffic and hefty loads. Need more to love about this luxury vinyl flooring product? It is known for its “no-wax necessary” properties, so upkeep is simple and seamless.


If wood look tile and luxury vinyl flooring had a baby, it would be called REVV. Offered in 13 realistic wood look designs, REVV is a beautiful compliment to any high-traffic space. From healthcare to retail, the stability of this flooring is something to take note of. Because of its reduced contraction and expansion REVV stands the test of both time and weight. AVA is able to create a grain appeal that mimics the art of real hardwood materials using EIR (Embossed in Register).   


If you loved the look of REVV, then you’ll go crazy over RSRV! This wood look, luxury vinyl looks so much like the real thing, you have to see it to believe it. It doesn’t just look like real hardwood, it acts like it too. Having what experts call “diamond like wear resistance” gives RSRV an edge on any competing products. RSRV is 30 percent more scratch resistant than other, typical products and was created with high-traffic and style in mind. Hospitality and retails projects will always benefit from the functionality and comfort of RSRV.


Combine easy installation, marvelous designs, and high quality resistance and you’ll have VRSE. Outlasting the strength of tungsten and aluminum, RSRV is also scratch resistant to the core. Luxury vinyl flooring patterns are typically linear in nature. But, RSRV is made with two flows of pattern direction so that the designs are both appealing and functional. Like many other AVA floor products, RSRV works best in hospitality, retail, and corporate spaces.

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This post was written by Jennifer Horning