Best Flooring for High Traffic Spaces

March 22, 2021

It is true that we carry nearly every flooring solution in the marketplace. However, we are exceptionally specialized in high traffic flooring products. Offices, shopping malls, and corporate offices are major players in our overall clientele. That’s why it is such a joy to share more information about the topic! 

Research shows that laminate and porcelain are some of the most durable solutions for high traffic areas. We also know there are other products that could serve a commercial project well, based on budget and scope. Luxury LVT is another in-demand fabrication for high-traffic, commercial spaces. Some products offer 30+ years of quality durability!

We talked directly with a small group of our in-house experts and porcelain was the echoed favorite for commercial flooring projects. Porcelain Tile is a 50+ year floor if it is maintained regularly and so, therefore, it provides one of the lowest costs in terms of life cycle,” explained Jason Weeks of the Trinity Surfaces team. It is probably one of the oldest floor finishes known to man and it has a very long and successful history.”

Let’s take a deeper dive into the top three, best flooring options for high traffic projects.


From airports and car dealerships to schools and shopping malls, porcelain flooring is arguably the top pick for high traffic projects. Our team of seasoned professionals agree that the recorded data of porcelain flooring success that drives them to recommend it. Aside from superior durability, porcelain flooring is ridiculously simple to keep up with. These regular, easy cleanings ensure a long life for the material. At its best, porcelain is protected against moisture, stains, sunlight, scratches, dents, and scuffs. Because of its water resistance, porcelain is the most versatile materials as well as the most durable. 


A highly durable and visually pleasing option for high-traffic areas is laminate flooring. With an added layer of protection atop the material, laminate flooring is a favorite among the tough flooring options. Remember to be mindful of the quality of the products you are browsing when it comes to laminate flooring. A lower-cost product could translate to lower quality, which oftentimes omits the amount of durability it has. Quality laminate flooring should be able to withstand the wear that comes with high traffic spaces, like scratches, scuffs, and dents. Laminate comes in a vast range of styles and colors, whether you want to achieve the look of hardwood or go with the feel of natural stone. 


With multiple layers of toughness, vinyl flooring is a pretty durable pick. With a low price point, vinyl flooring products can look “fake” when examined closely. If that isn’t a deterrent, then you’ll be excited to learn that vinyl flooring is offered in a slew of styles. We carry quality vinyl products that imitate oak, stone, wood planks, and tile. Other benefits that come with vinyl include easy upkeep and resistance to water damage. Overall, it is a durable and cost-effective material to consider for high-traffic areas. 

These recommendations come directly from our team of experienced professionals, here at Trinity Surfaces. It is important to remember that there are other products (outside of this list) that could potentially work for your particular commercial project, like cork, rubber, quartz, or even concrete. It is important to talk one-on-one with a member of our experienced team before making a final decision.

“Rely on the help of a tenured rep, and allow them to also solicit the help of a proven tile installer when working on technical projects,” Jason Weeks continued. “A quality installation that works within the parameters of the specified tile will ensure a beautiful result for many years to come.”

Ready to talk more with a Trinity Surfaces team member? Let’s get down to business: 866-774-3390.

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This post was written by Matt Hepner