Trinity Surfaces, More Than Just Tile Solutions

September 4, 2020 Published by

Let’s be honest. Not all surface solutions are created equal. Fortunately, we are thoughtful and precise with the products we choose to offer. The Trinity Surfaces team is proud to share knowledge while maintaining an open line of communication with collaborators. One thing we consistently review with design professionals is our wide range of products.... Read More »

Trinity Surfaces Brings Stability, Familiarity Amidst Pandemic

August 11, 2020 Published by

There might not be another time in history where the words “unprecedented” and “uncertain” are used more than they are right now. The pandemic’s widespread effects are a force to be reckoned with, both personally and professionally.  In a recent study, about 7 out of every 10 employees agreed that the current pandemic has been... Read More »

Cutting-Edge Design Meets Healthcare Facility Demands 

July 27, 2020 Published by

With our Living Well program, we take our knack for detail and place it inside the evolving world of healthcare. Through hundreds of hours of research and countless case studies, we can proudly say that this collection is the best in its class. From concrete effect to wood look to perfected porcelain styles, there is... Read More »

Zion Plus a Luxury Vinyl Flooring Dream

July 8, 2020 Published by

Durability is no doubt at the top of most commercial interior designers’ lists of priorities when it comes to quality products. Commercial means high volume and high volume calls for craftsmanship that can withstand the tests of both time and traffic. Since luxury vinyl flooring is such a widely used go-to for commercial projects, interior... Read More »

Interior Design Inspiration from Marca Corona

June 26, 2020 Published by

     It is said that Italians have a keen eye for great design, which makes complete sense considering the historically stylish roots of their culture. Interior design as a hobby in Italy is linked all the way back to the nobility of the Roman era. From innovations in functional interior design to comfortable, beautiful, and... Read More »

Marca Corona: Surface Solutions, the Italian Way

June 3, 2020 Published by

One cannot talk about visionaries without mentioning the creators of Marca Corona. The founders got their start back in 1741 in the Sassuolo district of Italy. The history of the brand is as rich as it is fascinating. So fascinating, in fact, that there is actually a company museum dedicated to telling the stories of... Read More »

Renovations, Restorations, and Rejuvenations & May’s Mood Board

May 26, 2020 Published by

  Although some industries are facing mandated shutdowns and scaled back business due to the pandemic, construction and building companies are trekking forward. These professionals are working through the pandemic, but not without following CDC guidelines and safety measures first. Licenses and permits are still being issued as construction companies continue working on projects. In... Read More »

AVA Sheet Vinyl Offers Advantages and Style

May 7, 2020 Published by

Invented in 1958, sheet vinyl flooring is blessed with decades of innovation and improvements. This type of product withstands the test of time because of its durable nature and affordable price tag. Along with decades of functional progress, sheet vinyl is also constantly evolving in style. Now, it is made to look almost identical to... Read More »

Trinity Surfaces and Lauzon Flooring a Dynamic Duo

April 2, 2020 Published by

Team Trinity Surfaces is proud to announce a new relationship with renowned hardwood experts, Lauzon Flooring! For more than 30 years, Lauzon Flooring has been manufacturing some of the finest hardwood products in the world.  From the start, founder of Lauzon Flooring, David Lauzon was committed to the art of hardwood flooring with an understanding... Read More »

Fittile Now Available Through Trinity Surfaces

March 19, 2020 Published by

Following up on our tile teaser from a few weeks ago, we are proud to share the latest addition to the Trinity Surfaces family: Fittile! Crafted and perfected in Italy, Fittile products are made to stand out and withstand the tests of time. Through their quality controlled production process, the team at Fittile is able... Read More »