Centaur Floor Systems: Flooring for Every Area of Your Facility

June 19, 2018

One of our favorite traits about Centaur Floor Systems is their ability to actually improve lives by way of quality products. This is ingrained deep within the core of the brand which is why we, here at Trinity Surfaces, are such big fans of them.

Now, it is not unusual for our team of surface ninjas to get questions about Centaur products. In fact, the most common ones happen on a pretty regular basis:

“Which products should go in which areas of a gym?”

“What product is the best fit for a wellness center?”

“What combination of products will complete this multi-family housing project?”

With these common flooring questions in mind, we created a list of considerations that designers can keep close during their next, big project.

Let’s break down Centaur Floor Systems by room and purpose:

Entryways and hallways

Sport Weave Interlock

Going with this surface provides non-woven carpet tile with a rubber back. It’s a solid choice for hallways or transition spaces.

Hall Pass

A big time safety surfacing, this is a product that is heavy on being slip-resistant. Additionally, it improves traction.

Gyms and group exercise rooms

Boflex Stadium

A go-to for sports facilities, this dynamic hardwood product works well in gymnasiums, dance studios, and aerobics rooms.

Triple Threat

Want the look of hardwood but with the durability of vinyl? This is your best bet! Aside from its durable nature, it’s easy to clean and maintain.

Weight rooms

Elite Tiles

Designed with athletes in mind, this flooring option absorbs the shock caused by heavy weights and offers extra cushioning underfoot.

Fastrack (14.5mm)

This product focuses on performance and durability, intertwining 2.5mm of rubber into a recycled rubber underlay.

Yoga, pilates, and dance studios


Get the appeal of hardwood with a low profile by going with this option. It’s perfect for aerobic studios or group exercise rooms.

Triple Threat

We have to bring this one up again because it’s that good — it’s economical, durable, and beautiful!

Specialty flooring


Looking for the king of turf products? Look no further. This flooring option brings functionality to a peak with its mobility, and offers a solution for all spaces, big and small.

Sound reducer

Installed beneath flooring surfaces, this product is the ultimate in sound reduction technology. It can be placed underneath most flooring systems, from concrete to hardwood.

Slip-resistant and homogeneous


Looking for a sanitary, low-maintenance option? This one’s for you. It ranks high in performance and visual appeal, all at a reasonable price.


Known for being the “best bang for your buck,” this floor system from Centaur is made for high-traffic areas with the same affordability and visual appeal as the Riptide product (above).

Have more questions? We’ve got answers! Contact our team of surface ninjas to figure out which system is the right fit for your project.


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This post was written by Mike Thomas