Chestnut Hill: The Next Big Thing in LVT

September 13, 2018

As an industry leader in tile design, supply, and trends, the Trinity Surfaces team takes their job of forecasting what’s hot (and what’s not), pretty seriously.

So, we’re here today to fill you in on exactly that!

It is no secret that luxury vinyl tile, aka “LVT,” is one of the most sought-after products in the marketplace. With its beautiful, authentic look to its durability and resistance to traffic wear and tear, LVT might just be your new best friend.

When it comes to predicting the next big thing in luxury vinyl tile design, the Trinity Surfaces Chestnut Hill collection takes the cake! Let’s dig a little deeper to understand why it’s hot and how you can maximize your design efforts with it.

Resilient to the elements

We pride the Trinity Surfaces Chestnut Hill collection on its ability to endure and to endure beyond the best of the best LVT out there. Using 50 percent more limestone in the product core creates an extra rigid tile. This process makes the core more rigid, and stronger than it has ever been before.

Chestnut Hill has been climate tested to withstand the elements of any residential or commercial project. During lab testing, it was proven to be two times more stable than other leading luxury vinyl tile products. And, did we mention the sunlight resistance test?

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Beautiful, like the real thing [baby ]

One of the draws to LVT products is the ability to create a sense of originality to a space. Some designs are even installed with grout to make the look of stone, wood, or concrete more authentic!

The Trinity Surfaces Chestnut Hill collection keeps its focus on the beauty of hardwood floors, without the stress, cost, and upkeep of real hardwood flooring.

Designs for everyone

With a variety of hues and styles, there is truly a design for anyone and everyone in the Chestnut Hill LVT collection. Whether it’s an elegant bathroom, a luxury kitchen, or a rustic-modern dining room, this collection of luxury vinyl tile fits just about anywhere.

Seamless installation process

Not only are there designs for just about anyone, selections from the Chestnut Hills lineup are also ridiculously simple to install! Installers can get by with a simple, utility knife to cut the product. And, instead of the typical (and super frustrating) angled locking tile products, this luxury vinyl tile design falls down easily, and directly, into place.

Sized to fit any and every project

Due to its simple installation, the Chestnut Hills product can be sized to fit spaces from small to extra large. It has been tested and approved to fit areas of up to 620m²  to 6400 ft ²!

Want to explore the Trinity Surfaces Chestnut Hills collection some more? Here’s a free brochure for your convenience.

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This post was written by Mike Thomas