Coming Soon: Glazed Tile Goodness

February 19, 2020

Coming soon to the Trinity Surfaces lineup are three, exciting products! Two of the tile products are glazed porcelain while the third is glazed ceramic. Adding to the excitement of this upcoming release is the popularity of glazed tile throughout the marketplace. Due to their naturally stain and odor resistant nature, both glazed porcelain and glazed ceramic are in high demand.

Although ceramic and porcelain are technically “cut from the same cloth,” the key difference is their water absorption percentage. Ceramic weighs in at absorbing more than .5 percent water while porcelain absorbs less than .5 percent. This is good to take note of when discussing projects with an interior designer or builder. Every project will call for one or the other based on the scope of the space and what it will be used for. 

Photos are worth thousands of words, right? So, let’s run through a little teaser on each product, accompanied by some closeup details via photos! 

Product 1: Glazed Porcelain Tile
Product 2: Glazed Porcelain Tile

Product 3: Glazed Ceramic Tile

Stay tuned to the Trinity Surfaces blog for a more in-depth at these exciting new additions!

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This post was written by Matt Hepner