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New Trends in Commercial Flooring You Should Know About

April 10, 2018

These days, the options are endless for design and build teams when it comes to commercial flooring trends. Whether it is a redesign of a hospital or a brand new design of a restaurant, designers have their work cut out for them in terms of effectively sifting through the marketplace of design offerings.

For some designers, they might have a general direction of where they (or the client) want(s) to go. A launchpad like that can really help interior design teams hit the ground running.

On the flip side, if a client’s response to a question about direction is: “we have no idea, isn’t that what we hired you for?” – take a deep breath, it will be fine! Fortunately, with the abundance of information available on the Internet, we can dive in and discover tools to save designers in situations like this.

One way to get the ball rolling on a project without a ton of direction from the client is to pay close attention to trends- what they are and where they’re going. Design trends are popular because a majority of designers and builders are utilizing them. And as the old saying goes, there is power in numbers!

So, what are some emerging trends in commercial flooring you should be aware of?

Commercial Flooring Trends

Tiles aren’t just for floors

With the evolution of design comes unconventional uses for every day items. Flooring is no exception. Instead of just using tiles for flooring, designers are using them for walls, accent spaces, and even ceilings!

Luxury is gaining momentum

Luxury, it’s not just for the wealthy. As the term “luxurious” continues to be redefined by a new generation of consumers, flooring designs will follow. This new generation is taking reasonably priced, quality goods and branding them as luxurious. And it’s working.

Easy-to-clean sells itself

Aside from eco-friendly products, easy-to-maintain is a major plus for clients, regardless of industry. Technological improvements make it easier for brands to create [at scale]products that are sustainable, easy to care for, and are beautiful to look at.

Rubber still reigns in hospitals

Although vinyl and tile flooring options have found their way into healthcare through minute clinics and doctor’s offices, rubber is still the go-to. It’s the most functional for the industry and nowadays, it comes in beautiful designs to boot!

Same dogs, new tricks

A lot of flooring options are coming from the same vendors, it’s just the way that these products look that’s changing. Make no mistake that resilient, tile, concrete, and rubber are still the major players in commercial flooring. New ideals focused on sustainability, upkeep, and longevity will shape what these creators think of next!

Kudos to hardwood and co.

Although hardwood is typically a residential favorite, commercial interior designers are taking notes! Innovating design teams are utilizing the feeling of “home” that hardwood gives guests and integrating the aesthetic into their commercial projects.

Now that you have a bachelors in commercial flooring trends, feel free browse some of our favorite brands, like Trinity Tile, AVA Flor, and Mirth Studio.

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This post was written by Mike Thomas