Commercial LVT Jackpot: The Lifestyles Collections

February 23, 2021

Lifestyles is a high-performance luxury vinyl tile line which replicates some of the most beautiful and popular woods on the market,” explains Trinity Surfaces team member, Katie Godfrey. “The line consists of different wear layer options so it can be used anywhere from in high traffic commercial areas to multi-family units and everywhere in between.”

In a nutshell: the products within the varied Lifestyles collections are among the most durable, beautiful, and cost-effective in the marketplace today. 

Before we dive deeper into the specs of this line, let’s explore the rich history of LVT.  That will help us better explain the innovative nature of Lifestyles and what it offers. We are confident you will find that most commercial LVT pales in comparison, for a few reasons.  

Taking things back, the materials that make up LVT were originally discovered long before products were manufactured and sold at mass. It was in the early decades of the 1900s that PVC was invented and used for a variety of products, from raincoats to shower curtains. It wasn’t until the 1980s that LVT really took shape. Once it did, builders and commercial interior designers hopped on board because of the material’s combative qualities against high-traffic wear and tear. Dubbed the most durable plastic as well as being the second most popular in the world, vinyl is used in hundreds of industrial goods. 

The progression of vinyl quality plateaued for a time, but the team at Trinity Surfaces has unearthed what is taking commercial LVT to the next level: a thick wear layer and a superior Surface Guardian Pro finish. Coupled with stunning designs, this technology is a key factor in the distinction between Lifestyles and other commercial LVT products.

Let’s talk more about the details of Lifestyles products.

Durability this good doesn’t have a price tag

Tested and certified extra durable, products from the Lifestyles collections perform beautifully upon installation. These products range from having an 8 mil or 20 mil wear layer, depending on the line. The 8 mil products are great options for a multi-family or hospitality scope while the 20 mil products are perfect for corporate structures, healthcare, and schools. What’s more? Products from the Lifestyles collections come with one of the best resilient warranties on the market, with a 30 year commercial and lifetime residential warranty.

Lifestyles will perform best in these sectors

Like we mentioned above, there are two thickness options in Lifestyles: 8 mil and 20 mil. The following sectors fit each product line as follows:

  • 8 mil: the Olympic, Zion, and Zion Plus are great for hospitality or multi-family projects
  • 20 mil: the Teton and Olympic lines are best suited for healthcare, schools, corporate offices, restaurants, retail, and anything in between

All the satisfaction of hardwood, but without the fuss

Wood flooring has been a popular flooring product for decades, but it just isn’t functional for high traffic areas. Lifestyle gives the look and feel of hardwood, but with much better performance, lower cost, and a longer life span. Did we mention that price and availability are big bonuses as well when going with a Lifestyles product?

Now, with seven different Lifestyles collections to browse, every commercial interior designer is beyond prepared to plan, build, and execute their next project. According to Trinity Surfaces’ own Katie Godfrey, “the stunning aesthetic, durability, and competitive price point makes Lifestyles a line for every commercial interior designer’s dream.”

Consider talking with your friendly, neighborhood surface ninja today about which Lifestyles products can enhance your next project: 866-774-3390.

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This post was written by Chelsea Lobser