Deck the Walls With This 2019 Trendsetter

December 18, 2018

Our identity as the industry’s leading team of surface ninjas doesn’t come with a one-dimensional approach to design. Yes, we do have this thing with floors. But, we also have this thing with walls.

Now, when we say “we have this thing with…” what we mean is that we have an affinity for flooring and wall design. The term comes from our in-depth research on Instagram. Translation: we are grossly obsessed with [any and all forms of] surface design.

As interior design technology evolves, so does the ability to transform a space with minimal labor. The beauty of it is that designers can still get the results they’re looking for. It just doesn’t take an arm and a leg to get there anymore. (cue the applause)

Peel-and-stick designs are not new. However, peel-and-stick beauties like the ones we’re going to tell you about right now could most definitely be 2019’s top interior design product.

Imagine the likes of “style goals” and “custom products” having a child. Throw in some versatile heritage, and you’ll most likely end up with these peel-and-stick planks!

Why do we love decking the walls with these babies? Let us count the ways…

Easy-peasy installation

Installation of these beautiful planks could not be more simple. Their peel-and-stick application makes it easy for just about anyone to completely revamp a space. Having such an easy installation process boosts the designer’s freedom as well. The planks can be placed vertically, horizontally, or diagonally for optimal appeal.

Top-notch quality

Aside from some of the design industry’s highest quality materials, these products are made in the good ole U-S-of-A! That fact is supplemented by a 3-coat uv matte finish and 3-ply construction with wood fiber core and hardwood backer for an aesthetically strong and sound addition.

Unmatched customization

Installation is just one way to customize these peel-and-stick wall planks. Another exciting way to tailor-fit them to a specific project is to order unstained planks and color them in-house. This ensures a complete match with a given space.

Transparent design

Trim pieces disguise the fact that the wall “planks” are actually only ¼ in. thick as opposed to real, hardwood layers. Additionally, this kind of versatility makes the peel-and-stick wall plank design ideal for projects of any scale, whether it’s residential or commercial!

Want to learn more about this gorgeous line? Give us a shout!

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This post was written by Jennifer Horning