Eco-Friendly Flooring Solutions: Celebrating Earth Month

April 23, 2019

Surface design is an art form in itself. Like other creative processes, designers (the artists) must carve out their personal style before perfecting their craft and lending their eye to a variety of projects throughout their careers. As the creative industry in the United States, up $14 billion from 2011 to 2016, continues to evolve – so do we.

With the love of tile comes a love for art. And with a love for art comes the inevitable desire to keep creating, even when we’re not inside the Trinity Surfaces gallery. In fact, one of our biggest inspirations lies entirely outside of any space we have control over: mother nature.

Respecting the earth and its inhabitants has brought our love for flooring solutions to another level. We don’t just think about designs or materials anymore. We also take into account how certain designs or materials will impact the planet.

That’s why we provide so many eco-friendly flooring options. From Panaria Ceramica to Landmark Ceramics, our army of eco-conscious flooring products is just about as inspiring as it gets.

Let’s talk more about eco-friendly flooring and other ways we can all be a little “greener.”

Our picks for eco-friendly flooring

We picked three of our favorite eco-friendly surface solutions. To find out more about these beauties, just click on the image of the product you want to learn more about!

Fiandre Architectural Surfaces


Caesar Ceramics


Panaria Ceramica

Recycling leftover tile or surfaces

Crafting is in our nature. Which means it is impossible for us to let leftover tile go to waste! Chances are, if you’re one of our partners or colleagues, you’re probably a surface ninja who likes to nerd out over tile just like we do. And what better way to go green than by recycling leftover materials we love?

Check out these ideas for recycling leftover tile:

Cleaning the green way

The beauty of 2019 is the sheer amount of useful information we have access to (like this blog, for instance). Over time we’ve found so many effective, eco-friendly ways to clean surfaces so, thanks to Earth Month, we’re going to share some of the best ones with you!

  • Buying a ready-made cleaning solution from the store? Opt for brands like Mrs. Meyers or Method to snag the “greenest of the green” products in the marketplace.
  • Want to make your own surface cleaning solution? Use this green recipe that calls for items you probably already have in your house!
  • Your floors are clean, but what about the air? Instead of using chemical-based aerosols to freshen up your space, try buying plants from this list instead. Don’t worry, we made sure that even if you’re a terrible plant parent (we can relate), these ones are near impossible to kill.

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This post was written by Matt Hepner