Fittile Now Available Through Trinity Surfaces

March 19, 2020

Following up on our tile teaser from a few weeks ago, we are proud to share the latest addition to the Trinity Surfaces family: Fittile! Crafted and perfected in Italy, Fittile products are made to stand out and withstand the tests of time. Through their quality controlled production process, the team at Fittile is able to maintain the highest standards of craftsmanship without sacrificing the beauty of the tile itself.

The production process that Fittile uses is actually quite fascinating:

  • Press- offering unique shapes and surfaces for each product
  • Glaze- able to accommodate many different shapes and sizes effectively
  • Decorate- adding graphic design elements to yield innovative solutions
  • Handle- tiles are untouched by workers and remain in perfect condition using laser track technology
  • Bake- part of the finale, this helps mold the final product
  • Quality check- using a multi-point check system to identify and remove products that could possible be defective

Talk about impressive, Fittile certainly knows their stuff. The team of experienced and knowledgeable designers bring different perspectives to the drawing board where the genius of the product is born. This team of talented designers includes Stefania Fasciano, Pietro Capitaneo, and Sebastiano Canzano

Let’s explore the products that are now available through Trinity Surfaces.


Utilized best in a number of ways, the Slash design was created with a decorative solution in mind. Whether tackling a prestigious place, a public space, or a commercial project, Slash can do it all because it is good for both indoor and outdoor needs. An added bonus to this design is the customization that comes with it. Interior designers can choose from a number of colors and schemes, including the tile color and the grout color.


Created with a memory from youth, the Fuggo_01 design is sleek yet playful. While it possesses the look of a timeless classic, it also has a subconscious level of fun infused to it. The memory that spurred the design comes from the 1980s. Back then, there was a trendy popsicle with a stick that came in a variety of colors. The sticks were all different so that they could be connected to build a bigger shape. Basically, the more popsicles consumed, the bigger the object that could be built. Pretty neat, huh?


Rooted in a love for the geometry of plants, the Fuggo_02 design brings its details to life through color and grooves in the tile itself. Aside from aiming to bring a new type of design into the market, Fuggo_02 was also created to focus and prevent coating leakages. Beyond that, the innovative design approach turns a negative into a positive by giving the leakages purpose instead of allowing them to become a pain. 

If you are as enamored by these new products as we are, let’s talk about how they can “fit” into your next commercial project!

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This post was written by Elizabeth Chambley