Hardwood Floors: The Good, the Bad, and the Conclusion

November 29, 2017

They say that if something seems too good to be true, it probably is. Although we are strictly optimists, here at Trinity Surfaces, we also respect facts. And, the fact of the hardwood floors matter is: there are pros, cons, and horror stories to boot.

Let’s dive in, and find out all we can about hardwood floors.

The upside of hardwood floors

Obviously, the beauty and allure of hardwood floors are the first things that come to mind. If hardwood is your thing, isn’t it difficult to imagine your taste being swayed in another direction? Even a vast list of cons doesn’t hold water when you see results like the Trinity Surfaces Arbor Collection.

Another benefit of hardwood floors is the increase in resale value of your home. reminds us that hardwood flooring is an automatic boost to your home’s value.

Whether you’re a type-a, tidy person or someone who suffers from allergies, sticking with hardwood flooring allows for a cleaner space. Carpet is proven to harbor bacteria, dust, and other unwanted flooring stowaways.

If you’re a DIY-er, hardwood floors are fairly easy to install yourself. With the latest improvements in technology, most home-owners just need to buy their materials. The rest can be figured out via YouTube or a favorited HGTV episode.

Hardwood Floors from Trinity Surfaces, Arbor Collection

The risks of hardwood floors

If you live somewhere with rough winters, hardwood flooring can be something you love six months out of the year but loathe the other half of the time. These types of floors can get extremely cold, and oftentimes, their beauty gets covered up with furniture or an area rug to prevent frostbitten feet!

Walk or rush at your own risk on wood floors. Liquids from spills are harder to spot on hardwood than other materials, which means the chances of a slip and fall are much higher.

Wood floors are vulnerable to damage, like scratches or stains. But, again, with advancements in technology, “there’s an app for that.” Not really, but close. These days, a lot of brands offer DIY fix-it tools for scratches and/or stains.

Hardwood Floors from Trinity Surfaces, Patriot Collection

Overall, hardwood floors = worth it

We put it to a vote, and Trinity Surfaces sides with hardwood! When you weigh the pros and cons, there is a lot more to benefit from [than not] by having beauties from the Trinity Surfaces Arbor Collection or the Trinity Surfaces Patriot Collection in your home.

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This post was written by Mike Thomas