Innovative Concrete and Custom Mosaic Solutions

January 3, 2020

There are two trends to take note of at the start of this decade. For one, concrete is becoming more of a mainstream idea for interior designers. Second, the improved customization technology for mosaic options raises the bar for mass-produced designs. Both of these facts have the team at Trinity Surfaces totally nerding out! It’s an exciting time to be a part of the surface design industry, and we are here document the journey.

To help showcase the reality of these surface design innovations, we want to dive a little deeper into two brands who are not just taking note of the trends. They’re setting them.

Whether you’re a concrete novice or a longtime enthusiast, getting to know Aggretex a little bit more is absolutely in your best interest. And when it comes to custom mosaic work, Artaic currently holds the throne. 

Let’s start with Aggretex. This team of talented, concrete craftsmen are based in California but their work transcends geographical lines. Aggretex offers two approaches to concrete design:  indoor and outdoor. These two, different applications are supported by three options within the Aggretex product structure

  • Aggretex Smashed (indoor and/or outdoor use)
  • InteriorEFX PCT (interior use)
  • Aggretex smooth (interior use)

Aside from the quality and functionality of Aggretex, the visual appeal speaks for itself. All of the products come in a variety of colors and styles, which makes the brand even more enticing. 

Now, if you need to take a minute to compose yourself from the excitement of Aggretex’s work, we totally understand. Once you’ve recovered, indulge in the visual satisfaction of Artaic’s Verge collection. 

Using a multitude of shapes in combination with traditional textile design, the Artaic Verge line can be best described in three words: bold, beautiful, quality. Bold patterns, beautiful colors, and quality craftsmanship join forces to supplement interior design efforts for both residential and commercial projects. 

These glazed porcelain tiles can be customized in color, complexity, and composition. Artaic has taken the do-it-yourself generation to the next level by giving interior designers almost complete control of the mosaic tile design process. 

The team at Artaic knows exactly who they are and why they do what they do. They know how to sum it up best:

We modernize the creation of architecturally compelling mosaics through fast design iterations, free sampling and American robotic production.”

Functional and custom mosaic surface design has never been easier to acquire!

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This post was written by Mike Thomas