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5 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Ignore Color

December 6, 2017

Think about the world around you. Now, imagine it in grayscale. Boring, right? The project you’re working on is no different. Whether it’s a home improvement fixer-upper or a large-scale design revamp, incorporating color, and color trends plays a crucial role in the success of a space.

Playing it safe with color palettes usually means believing myths like “my ceiling has to be white to open up the space,” or “using dark colors is going to make the room less inviting.” Don’t get sucked into playing it safe! Color, when well-thought-out, will separate a mediocre result from an amazing one.

Let’s talk about why you should never ignore color when it comes to interior design.

Adding color trends can transform a space

Inserting color or even muting it (with white or a more creamy tone) can totally change the overall design of a space. As the artist in control, you can use color to have a massive impact or a simple one.

Color trends when it comes to interior design

The truth about white

Is white a color? Science says, “no.” However, we think white is just as important as the colors that are recognized by designers. There’s an idea floating around that all ceilings must be white to keep spaces open and light. But, as you can see below, that’s not always the case. Additionally, white can play big part in a space’s color palette, especially if a clean and distraction-free vibe is the objective. 

Color trends when it comes to interior design

Color trends when it comes to interior design

Adding a pop of color goes a long way

White is great and all, but add a pop of color to it for another big impact. When neutral tones are the choice for the walls and ceilings of a space, never hesitate to experiment with one or two pops of color to liven up the project!

Color trends when it comes to interior design

Color plays a powerful part

Some of the first thoughts designers have when a new project comes up are lighting, furniture, and balance. Of course, those are all really important elements for the end goal. But, all of those elements also include color. Pretty much every aspect of a design project is going to utilize color in some way. It’s just about recognizing it and maximizing the opportunity.


Color trends when it comes to interior design
























Coordinating color palettes ties it all together

Using multiple colors is a good thing! Don’t second guess it. However, it is important to note that there should be some kind of method to the madness. Select four to five colors that are complementary, and use them throughout the space. And always remember: don’t stray. Keep a solid consistency in your color selections throughout the space. It will make all the difference!


Color trends when it comes to interior design

Looking to improve your color power or add some new color trends to your next project? We’re big fans of these awesome  Audrey Lane, AVA, and Syzygy.

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This post was written by Jennifer Horning