Interior Design Inspiration from Marca Corona

June 26, 2020


It is said that Italians have a keen eye for great design, which makes complete sense considering the historically stylish roots of their culture. Interior design as a hobby in Italy is linked all the way back to the nobility of the Roman era. From innovations in functional interior design to comfortable, beautiful, and structurally sound spaces, it is no surprise that Italian powerhouse, Marca Corona has withstood the test of time. 

Inspiring us from the get go, Marca Corona brings endless interior design opportunities into every project. We are proud to carry four collections that deliver results to be proud of: Mementa, Bold, Ossidi, and Elemento. Each collection carries a significance unique to its personality.  

As we learn more about the Marca Corona brand, we are also gaining a deeper understanding of Italian culture and interior design. For us, to put it simply, Marca Corona products embody the spirit of Italy while continually pushing towards a more functional and timeless future. 

So, pull up a chair and dive deeper with us into the world of Marca Corona designs- inspiring creativity since 1741.


With respect to color psychology, the Bold collection offers a lot of life and vivacity. Color pops are desired but sometimes can be intimidating. But we love a good pop of color and we adore this collection. So, here are some of our favorite tricks for going big with color, like the Bold collection: 

  • Sample, sample, sample! Render these products into an image that brings your idea to life before committing to it. A lot of times, we don’t know what we want until we see it.
  • Analyze the space. Decide what the goal is for the project and utilize facts like light, square footage, and usage to direct the color decisions.
  •  If color is intimidating for you, that’s okay! Start with a small project and work your way up to a comfortable relationship with color. It’s all about progress, not perfection.


This collection boasts beautiful neutrals that can be used in a number of ways. Since interior designers are leaning on neutrals more and more, Mementa is a wonderful addition to the Trinity Surfaces fleet. We’ve rounded up some tips for using neutrals like the ones in the Mementa collection from Marca Corona: 

  • Use it as a base. Neutral products are great, subtle options that make for a perfect foundation in a space. Start with Mementa, and build out from there.
  • Keep it consistent. With neutrals, a best practice is to keep warm tones with warm tones and cool ones with cool ones. Remember: balance is key!


With gorgeous shapes and colors, the Ossidi collection offers something extremely special for interior design experts. Whether it’s for a luxury residential project or a commercial space, it is a go-to for designers around the globe. Of course, there are many ways to put the Ossidi collection to good use. One of the ways we like to see it used is by creating a connected color flow within a space. Here are some ways to do it:

  • Back to the balance basics. Similar to Mementa, you can simplify the choices by limiting the color schemes to either warm or cool tones. 
  • Pay attention to other areas. Stand in the space where you plan to use Ossidi and consider what other elements will be visible from there. This will help map out direction with color use.
  • Accessorize when using a lot of color. When using more lively colors, utilize single-tone furniture and art to balance out the space.


Along with the beautiful neutral options, the Elemento collection offers something special for interior designers who “aren’t afraid of the dark.” By that, we mean they’re not afraid to use the power of darker hues to beautify a space. It has been said that dark colors are the new neutral. Here are some tips on how Marca Corona can help:

  • Bigger is better. Although white has always been the favorite for making spaces feel larger than they are, dark options have the same affect. Opt for dark over light the next time visually enlarging a space is the goal.
  • Use dark tones to “fix.” Imperfections can easily be covered up by using darker hues. Maximize this benefit as much as possible! It can even help save funds.

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This post was written by Elizabeth Chambley