Long Live Capri Cork and Rubber

February 6, 2020

In addition to their beauty and durability, cork and rubber flooring have been dubbed some of the “greenest” in the industry. Kitchens are a favored space to utilize this kind of product in, but Capri Collections showcases how versatile cork and rubber flooring can really be. From corporate spaces to multi-family structures, the sky is absolutely the limit!  


Created in 2006, Capri Collections has grown rapidly in its lifetime. When the brand started, cork was their sole product (hence their original name “Capri Cork”). Now, they’ve expanded and appropriately renamed themselves due to their extensive line of products. 

If you know team Trinity Surfaces, you know that we don’t make assumptions based on trends or hearsay. We share facts based on our own professional experiences. And, our experience working with Capri Collections has been nothing short of enjoyable and full of surface problem-solving. Our paralleled values like caring for customers and serving others showed us that this would be a long-term relationship. 

So, with Capri Collections, you really can’t go wrong. We’ll tell you why.

Sustainability factor

The fact that rubber and cork flooring are renewable and carefully monitored (for sustainability), supplements what already makes them so popular! According to Houzz, every 9 years, producers that reside in Spain and Portugal take extensive measures to gather cork from trees without damaging them. Funny enough, can you guess the first thing that the cork is used for? If you guessed wine work, you win! The remaining material is then used for flooring. This ensures that every last bit of what is harvested is utilized without causing damage to mother nature.

Floating capability

Floating floors are products that can be installed above, on, or below hard flooring surfaces that already exist. Since there is no glue-down process for this kind of installation, the floors can be used as soon as they are installed. The list is long for when and where to use floating floor products like Capri’s rubber and cork options. Here are the main spaces interior designers and builders tend to utilize them in:

  • Multi-family buildings
  • Assisted living facilities
  • Corporate office buildings
  • Hospitality structures
  • Student housing
  • Retail spaces

Comfort element

Cork underfoot naturally gives more than other hard surface options. This adds a bonus to a product that is already beautiful and functional. It adds comfort and warmth to any space. Cork floors are also thermal (by nature), which means that they possess a certain amount of noise cancelling capability. Spaces and rooms that utilize cork products are more comfortable, warm, and quiet- all the way around.

Design variety

Sometimes, interior designers and builders will find the perfect functional product, but the design options don’t pan out. Perhaps it’s a different style or even something as simple as a hue too dark or too light. Whatever the case may be, we are confident that the variety Capri Collections offers will bring those design headaches to a hault. With more than a half dozen different lines and multiple design options with each of them, there is truly a solution for every surface when you use Capri’s cork and rubber flooring!

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This post was written by Amy Rosado