Luxury Vinyl Flooring: It’s a Lifestyle

January 15, 2020

Currently, a very popular topic among industry professionals is luxury vinyl flooring. As the product gains more notoriety for its many benefits and functionality, the demand continues to climb. And, what is equally as impressive as effective functionality? Visual appeal. In addition to the product’s knack for function, beauty follows suit. With new, innovative luxury vinyl flooring options, every interior designer will be well equipped for any project. 

Luxury vinyl flooring is low maintenance, water resistant, and most importantly, it is tough as nails! A lot of interior designers note the pet-friendly aspect of the popular product as well. 

Who better to introduce you to some of the best luxury vinyl flooring products in the world than the Trinity Surfaces team?

The Lifestyles luxury vinyl flooring collection is one of the most popular in the industry. Along with its beautiful appearance, the Lifestyles collection is distinguished among other luxury vinyl products due to its superior durability. 

Let’s talk more in depth about the three variations of the Lifestyles collection!


Suited for both residential and commercial projects, Lifestyles Teton is a gorgeous blend of modern style and minimalism. The hues of each design pair well with a vast number of accents and color palettes. With nine different colors to choose from, there truly is a match for every interior designer to work with. 


Boasting stone look and wood look designs, Lifestyles Olympic is intended for projects seeking to evoke a classic style. Although we use the term “traditional” to describe Olympic at times, it is anything but basic. It is currently offered in six different color options.


Lifestyles Zion is comprised of multiple wood look patterns and colors. In fact, it is home to the largest of the Lifestyles color options with 12 to choose from. Commercial spaces can benefit from Zion because of its homey nature. We tell interior designers that if they want to bring the comfortable feelings of home to corporate America, then Zion is the way to go.

If you’re interested in learning more about the Lifestyles collection, let us help you connect with a local surface ninja today!

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This post was written by Matt Hepner