Allied Tile

Allied Tile

Allied Tile was one of the original manufacturers of solid luxury vinyl tile in the US for both commercial and residential use. Family owned and operated for over forty years. They also manufacture and feature high end, custom vinyl tile known as the Design Tile Collection.

“When you think Vinyl, think Allied.” That is the slogan of Allied Tile. Their collections have been used in flat surface designs in the lobbies at NASA and throughout the museums of Madame Tussauds. With a blend of rich and vibrant colors coupled with unique intricate designs, very few can compete with the products from Allied Tile. Furthermore, not only are their tiles strong and durable, they’re long lasting as well.

Au Natural Collection

Allied manufactures tiles for both commercial purposes and for residential purposes. From the beginning, the Allied Tile collections won the hearts of customers and was a big hit with designers. Today the legacy is carried on with their new and improved Au Natural Collection. It incorporates the traditional designs with a touch of the times. With designs like wood grain, stone, slate, cork, linear, concrete, images, metallic and other solid colors, it becomes obvious that the current theme is inspired by nature.

Allied Tile Corp.

Their reputation of flooring excellence continues to be built on producing a high quality product as a professional manufacturer, distributor/supplier combined with great customer service.

Allied Tile has provided customers with a quality product using only the highest grade of raw materials. Trinity Surfaces has stood behind their product for years. They continue to look at new methods to improve their product and use environmental friendly materials. There tile is made from a high percentage of recycled materials and are always looking to preserve the country’s natural resources.

Used in commercial installations such as hotels, healthcare facilities, retail stores, TV Studios, museums, aquariums, restaurants, beauty salons, office buildings and homes of distinction. When you think luxury vinyl tile, think Allied Tile.

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