ARTO feels that stewardship, defined as “the careful and responsible management of something entrusted to one’s care,” is the most appropriate term to describe the values they hold dear. Like their customers, ARTO tile they make choices when selecting materials that make sense from both an environmental and an economic perspective.

Long Service Life

Nowadays there is plenty of talk about conservation. ARTO tile has always believing that offering an exceptionally well made, long lasting product at a fair price is the best way to conserve your own precious resources. Unlike less durable materials the lifespan of ARTO tile products is measured in decades not years. Unlike static materials that become obsolete as they wear ARTO offers living products that evolve as they develop a lovely patina, further enhancing the material’s character and serving as a record of the life around it.

Every ARTO tile product is manufactured with concrete, a material with a lifespan measured in decades (or even centuries as some concrete roads built during the Roman Empire are still in service), and fiber-reinforced to prevent breakage during transport and handling. And, if your needs change, ARTO products can be recycled.

Who Is ARTO Tile?

ARTO makes their ceramic and concrete products the traditional way with skilled human hands, local materials, and hard work. In today’s world where everything is automated and products all look the same or are printed out to trick your eye, ARTO makes truly unique handcrafted products. ARTO tile products attract customers who are indeed unique themselves and want that represented in the items they use to make their spaces distinctively their own.

Capturing the depth of life in a product takes years of experience, creativity, hard work, and sweat. All this was embodied in ARTO’s founder, Arto Alajian. Where did Arto Alajian get his experience, taste, creativity, and work ethic? For Arto it came from his unique life experiences and was stimulated by adversity.

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