Cerdisa was founded in 1959 as a manufacturer of white tiles. Eventually, in response to demand, they opened their product line up to a broader range of ceramics products like EC1 porcelain tile. They were one of the first companies to get recognition with major projects at an international level. Now, Cerdisa is stronger than ever and are notable industry leaders.

Cerdisa is one of the earliest producers of Gres Fine Porcelain. They are experts in the ceramic tile tradition that are not only familiar with the historic Italian roots of the trade but are also on the leading edge of research and development in the industry. They are also well-known for combining innovative approach with traditional appeal.

Cerdisa’s products are distinct, unique, and add a certain flair to any indoor or outdoor space.

Not only that, but they truly care about the world, as they show via their high standards and innovative processes. The company remains a major producer in the architecture and building world and are known for their strong aesthetics, adding a contemporary but classic design appeal to almost any type of setting.

EC1 Porcelain Tile by Cerdisa

Trinity Surfaces aims to provide the best flooring solutions, not only in quality but overall durability, versatility, and style. Our long list of satisfied clients includes premier national brands in a variety of industries, including restaurants, hotels, wellness facilities, resorts, retail outlets, residential, and more.

We’d like to introduce one of the most innovative lines of sustainable porcelain tiles, EC1 porcelain tile produced by Cerdisa. EC1 porcelain tile is ideal for projects in all kinds of spaces. They are durable and high-quality, built to last, and are even manufactured sustainably via LEED-certified standards.

The product was initially named after London’s EC1 (Eastern Central Postcode) district, a high-density central business district filled with a range of classic and contemporary architectural styles.

Why Choose Porcelain Tile

Cerdisa porcelain tile is ideal for flooring for homes, businesses or public spaces. It’s not only easy to install, but its durability makes it useful for all types of projects. In both design and use, the EC1 tile line is innovative and built to last in outdoor conditions, as well as large public buildings and even luxury complexes.

Easy to Choose and Install

These tiles suit almost any large indoor or outdoor setting, both private and public spaces. They come in a multitude of appealing neutral colors and a range of larger formats, and clients have their choice of surface types as well, so there’s a ton of flexibility when it comes to choosing your ideal look.

Porcelain offers a similar type of stylistic appeal as marble but is much lighter and easier to install.

Maximum Durability

This type of stoneware has a dense, non-porous body that is exceptionally strong. It is made using compact clay, which creates the non-porous properties. Like marble, slabs are robust, holding fast even under the weight of water, which makes them ideal for outdoor spaces.

Various coatings are available for these types of tiles for both resistance purposes (for instance, a non-slip surface) as well as appearance preferences.

Abrasion Resistance

EC1 porcelain tile has a high abrasion resistance, which means that they do not tend to get worn down when people or things pass over them. They are durable not only in quality but also in appearance, in that they are virtually scratch, and stain-free.

A Lasting Look

This type of tile is not only resistant to slippage, it’s also resistant to wear, natural weathering, stains or even chemical exposure. Materials are tested to check for their overall resistance. The tiles are also quite easy to clean and tend to look new for a while as they are so resistant to wear.

Aesthetically, of course, this type of style fits almost any type of décor, especially in broad, open areas that are exposed to natural elements.


The EC1 porcelain tile collection works with most types of buildings. Tiles are well-suited for residential buildings and even outdoor areas offering a functional option for architects and designers alike. We make it easy to fit these into your building and plans, thanks to the innovative research that backs this top-of-the-line product.

What makes is ECI a Premium Porcelain Tile?

The Cerdisa EC1 collection offers architects and designers practical and sustainable solutions in a wide range of styles and colors that are excellent for projects in a variety of settings and spaces. This is a great option for those looking to do a renovation or is working on a new building project. EC1 porcelain tiles are available in neutral and natural tones, adding a uniquely strong touch of charm and class to any design project.

Trinity Surfaces is one of the leading suppliers of tile and one of the best in the world. The EC1 tile has incredible potential with regard to both form and function. It’s a solution that can easily meet a range of needs and is a high-performance choice for a range of settings and building types, even through heavy-duty use such as high-traffic public spaces.

Please see our samples section for more information on obtaining EC1  in your area.

Sustainability is Key

At Trinity Surfaces, we care about offering high quality, sustainable materials that are produced via low-energy use processes. Ethics matter to us, which is why we are so excited to supply EC1 porcelain tile tile. Our partnership with Cerdisa is focused on maintaining ethical values, and we care about environmental responsibility.

Cerdisa are leaders in premium porcelain tile production and are known for their innovative approach and creativity. Their products are well-made for safety and strength. Moreover, this company is constantly on the lookout for innovative approaches to production. That’s why the Daltile EC1 line is made primarily with recycled materials through a series of energy efficient processes and is LEED-certified.

When a product or building is LEED-certified, it means that it meets a certain standard that denotes low levels of energy used in the production process, and that it can be used in the building process to create LEED-certified green buildings, which are built to environmental, social and economic sustainability standards. These properties often earn the highest scores in building code quality and sustainability.

In general, porcelain factories today all follow similar guidelines, including:

  • Not using radioactive materials, known pollutants or products that could be harmful to human health
  • Using only recycled packing material
  • Reusing energy by-products throughout the factory where possible
  • Recycling waste
  • Compliance with auditing schemes
  • Company-mandated environmental initiatives, such as tree planting


At Trinity, we offer both residential and commercial clients the opportunity to take advantage of the best through an efficient and sustainable supply chain and product management process. Designers, contractors, and architects come to us because we understand how to work to their specifications. We make sure we offer the highest quality flooring materials while making sure that everything gets to you on time and on spec. What to get started with EC1 porcelain tile? Contact a Surface Ninja today.

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