LSI Floors

LSI Floors

LSI Floors is a luxury vinyl tile company known for its amazing flooring innovations and its’ continued commitment to always use the most advanced technologies to ensure an up to date and amazing experience for designers.

Flooring for Creative Minds

While making customer satisfaction its top priority LSI continues to use the highest quality material to make sure their products are both excellent and long lasting. LSI is known for its quality standards, all LSI floors are engineered to withstand the rigors of daily traffic whether it is a busy retail environment, a commercial office building or a nightclub especially work like their luxury vinyl tiles. Manufactured with five layers of construction, their floors support any project for a lifetime, along with making the floors safer they also make them virtually stain proof and easier to maintain and clean. The UV cured microscopic glass has slip resistance technology.

LSI Floors | High Quality Products

With a large array of material and products like stone looks, wood looks, and mosaics, they have a collection of healthcare floors which have an added anti-microbial layer which is germ resistant. They build in silver particles into the top two layers of the floor and this natural material reacts to bacteria to inhibit their growth and is proven to be 99.9% effective. Along with their high quality standard each floor is backed with a ten year warranty which is a testament to the trust they put in their work.

  • Artistry Collection
  • Nature Collection
  • Healthcare Floors
  • Loose Lay Format
  • Shapes
  • EDGE

You’ll really like it. We promise. Whether it’s a company logo, unique pattern, or a floor mural with the image of your choice, LSI Floors can turn it into high performance luxury vinyl flooring. Interested in this product? Ask a “Surface Ninja” we’d love to talk about your next surface design project.



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