Marca Corona: Surface Solutions, the Italian Way

June 3, 2020

One cannot talk about visionaries without mentioning the creators of Marca Corona. The founders got their start back in 1741 in the Sassuolo district of Italy. The history of the brand is as rich as it is fascinating. So fascinating, in fact, that there is actually a company museum dedicated to telling the stories of those who launched the stylishly iconic brand that we know and love today. 

True to its roots, Marca Corona operates, creates, and produces all of its products within the geographical confines of its native home, Italy. By doing this, the team is able to utilize the highest quality, local raw materials and sustain a staff who not only understands the culture of the brand, but personifies it.

Marca Corona takes full advantage of technological advances and sustainable production measures during the creative process. Offering a range of everything from porcelain stoneware surfaces to white-body tiles as wall solutions. 

It is because of this history, and because of Marca Corona’s continued commitment to quality, that the Trinity Surfaces team knew there was a chemistry to uncover by working together. We are proud to offer four, timeless additions to Trinity Surfaces’ inventory! 

Let’s talk more about each of these new products and how they can amplify your next project. 


With uniquely beautiful textures, Mementa is a superior collection of white-body wall tiles. The streaks and relief that are naturally ingrained in each wall tile give them a perfectly worn appearance that is tangible to touch. Memento is a sophisticated option that promises class and style wherever it is applied. 


Evoking both wonder and fantasy, the Bold collection from Marca Corona is full of vivacity. The collection boasts 40×80 cm wall tile and is available in four gorgeous pops of color: bold white, bold mustard, bold sage, and bold marsala. Interior designers can use either a chromatic or a mix and match approach. Both routes are sure to succeed.


Perhaps the most flexible of the collections available through Trinity Surfaces is Ossidi. With five color options and multiple sizing variations, Ossidi could arguably be Marca Corona’s direct response to what the interior design industry has been looking for. All of the color hues were created to bring either a plain effect or a patterned appeal. Classic from edge to edge, Ossidi is used as a floor and/or wall solution.


If looks could kill, Elemento would be a criminal by nature. This wood look floor and wall solution is made to ignite the natural warmth that wood and cotto provide. Available in seven color variations, Elemento can be used for just about any project, from multi-family housing to luxury commercial spaces.  

Loving the Marca Corona products as much as we are? Reach out, and let’s talk about the possibilities!

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This post was written by Jennifer Horning