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Hardwood Floor Goals: NBA Finals Edition

June 11, 2018

Imagine being in game one of the NBA finals, with seconds left on the clock, giving your team just enough time to clinch the game-winning two-pointer. Now, imagine your teammate isn’t paying attention and lets the clock run out, leaving you one point down for a loss recorded as the game one result.

Oopsie? We’ll let Lebron’s face do the talking for this one.

That’s a pretty big “oopsie” moment, don’tcha think?

One teammate we never have to worry about an “oopsie” moment with is Centaur Floor Systems. This team of pros focus on surfaces that aren’t just for training, dancing, and working out on. They build options that suit a wide variety of industries from healthcare flooring systems to commercial kitchen flooring and bathrooms, locker rooms, and wet areas.

But, since we are talking specifically about floor goals, NBA style, let’s dive into more details about Centaur Floor Systems’ Boflex Stadium and Actiflex lines.

Centaur Floor Systems: Boflex Stadium

The Boflex Stadium line is ultra professional and exceeds all expectations when it comes to performance. As a multitude of studies have show, it is a cut above the rest as far as shock absorption. It comes in three color options, Maple (light), Oak (dark), and Ash (bright). This flooring line is best used for dance, group exercise, multi-use exercise areas, gymnasiums, indoor basketball courts, and indoor volleyball courts.


Centaur Floor Systems: Actiflex

The Actiflex line is a low profile, high performance hardwood flooring option. The boards are installed atop a shock absorbing foam surface. This line comes in two color options, Maple (light) and Oak (dark). This flooring line is a perfect option for group exercises spaces or multi-use exercise areas.


So, our suggestion when it comes to basketball, or any other indoor sports activity: look to Centaur Floor Systems for a reliable teammate! Interested in this manufacturer? Great, contact a Surface Ninja to get started today.

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This post was written by Elizabeth Chambley