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October 5, 2015


Produced by infusing a durable fabric top layer with an LVT bottom layer, Procedo LOOM+ provides the dependability of LVT and unlimited design capabilities that fabrics and textiles offer. LOOM+ also comes pre-finished with one of the most durable Polyurethane factory finishes on the market. Our ceramic enhanced PU finish allows for immediate use after installation and for the long term reduction of required floor finishes. Commercial: Office space, meeting rooms, corridors, and multi-use areas Retail: Front of house, show rooms, and dining & entertainment establishments Hospitality: Hotel, conference rooms, and reception halls Assisted Living: General common areas and dining.


Commercial grade LVT backing and UV cured polyurethane ceramic finish provides durability and ease of maintenance immediately after installation. Design and function from modular 19.67″ x 19.67″ (500 mm x 500 mm) tiles. Multiple pattern groups allow for easy design and installation of borders, insets, and patterns. Excellent dimensional stability due to glass fiber inner layer.


Recycled Content – 50% (27% post-consumer & 23% pre-consumer).100% recyclable.


Tile Size: 19.67″ x 19.67″ (500 mm x 500 mm)Gauge: 3 mm (.125”) gaugeFor this and more information visit

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This post was written by Jennifer Horning