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Chestnut Hill | MineralCore LVT



Chestnut Hill MineralCore Luxury Vinyl Tile

MINERALCORE luxury vinyl floor’s structure is close to LVT, however there are two main aspects that make MINERALCOE very different.
MINERALCORE is mostly made of limestone, rather than PVC. Unlike LVT or WPC products, MINERALCORE contains 0% plasticizers, which are chemical additives used during manufacturing to make the PVC softer and easier to handle. The combination of the two makes for an extra rigid and much more stable product in relation to temperature variations, as well as sunlight and indentation resistance.

Why Mineral Core?

Why is Chestnut Hill more rigid than LVT & WPC? MineralCore technology is a patented process of extruding the core used in LVT which allows us to take out plasticizers* entirely from the process of making the PVC, This results in a higher ratio of limestone in the composition of the core creating a stronger and more rigid core than ever before. While regular LVT is too flexible to pre-attach a backing, Chestnut Hill comes with an EVA pre-attached backing. No underlay or expensive leveling compounds to purchase.

Why is Chestnut Hill better than LVT & WPC?

We pride the Trinity Surfaces CHESTNUTHILL collection on its ability to endure beyond the best of the best LVT out there. Using >50% limestone in the product core creates an extra rigid tile. This pro-cess makes the core more rigid, and stronger than it has ever been before.

  • 100% waterproof
  • Stable and resistant to high temperature variations
  • Suitable for all rooms
  • Installs over 6,400sq.ft without transitions
  • Rigid core allows for minimized telegraphing
  • Fast-and-easy to fit –no acclimation, no glue, no mess!

Dimensional Stability

When installed in sunny rooms with large windows, standard
LVT becomes very flexible and the planks are not strong enough to push each other away. The expansion results in planks lifting up and in floor’s irreversible deformation.

Meanwhile CHESTNUTHILL flooring is rigid even at high tempera-tures. When the planks expand they have enough strength to push each other away. Result is a flat floor even in high temperature con-ditions.

Installation over Large Area

Thanks to the floor’s exceptional dimensional stability, it can be in-stalled over 6400sq.ftwithout transition moldings in doorways.

Resistance To High Temperatures

This test measures the “memory” behavior of the product – ability to return to the original size prior to being heated up.
Test method: The planks are heated up to 176°F/80°C, after which it is cooled down for 24h to the original temperature of 74°F/23°C. The size variation is measured and compared to the original size.

Result: CHESTNUTHILL is up to 2X more stable compared with standard LVT

Product Details



Overall Thickness

5mm (including 1.0mm pre attached underlay)


Anti-bacterial, Quartz Enhanced UV Cured Coating

Wear Layer

0.5mm (20mil)


Waterproof thermoplastic composite



Interlocking System

Fall down (Tight lock)

Type of installation


Color Options

Bay Village – Quick Ship, Allston – Quick Ship, Aspinwall Hill, Auburndale – Quick Ship, Beaconsfield, Brighton, Cambridge, Corey Hill, Devon – Quick Ship, Edge Hill, Fisher Hill – Quick Ship, Heath – Quick Ship, Mission Hill – Quick Ship, Newton, Olmsted Park, Riverway – Quick Ship, Roxbury – Quick Ship, Watertown, Wellesley – Quick Ship

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