Sequel 2.0: Eco-Friendly Tile with the Highest Durability

July 2, 2019

Our love and respect for Capri Collections Cork & Rubber flooring go way back. Among our many praises for this material, a few come to mind right away. For starters, it’s recyclable. We love a good, environmentally friendly surface! Next, it’s highly durable and sustains just as well (sometimes better) as other resilient flooring options. The list goes on, but we also love how versatile and decorative it can be

So, with that being said, it is no surprise that we are dedicating an entire blog post to the re-launch of Capri Collections’ Sequel flooring! Sequel tile is vulcanized rubber made with a homogeneous combination of natural cork and SBR. Ideally, Sequel rubber tile is a match made in heaven for any commercial space. 

It’s a pretty bold statement to say that a type of tile can fit “any commercial space,” so let’s talk about why. 

Easy maintenance

If something is easy to maintain, then doesn’t that make it a cut above the rest- just out of principle? In today’s world [where everything seems to be flying a mile a minute] we absolutely think so! Sequel rubber tile doesn’t call for waxing to maintain. Nope! Instead, all it needs is consistent dry-buffing, which over time can reduce the cost of maintenance. It also eliminates the need for harmful chemicals that come with traditional, finished surfaces.

Insane durability

Sequel flooring is resistant to scuffs and impact! The unique combination of SBR and natural cork is dispersed throughout the entire tile, not just the surface. Because of this hardcore structure, increased durability in high traffic spaces is what makes it a go-to for any commercial space.  

Aesthetically pleasing

As technology increases, so does the demand for beautiful and unique designs. The good news is that interior designers can choose from 20 different color options in the Sequel line. The great news is that custom colors are available for some spaces. Like its predecessor, the Sequel [re-launch] collection will feature some of the best-selling options from the original line. The difference is that now there are added, updated colors to really give designers the freedom they need and deserve. 

Icing on the cake

Interior designers know better than anyone that two of the main factors that go into decision making are the design itself and the function of it. The fact that Sequel rubber tile is easy to maintain is really just icing on the cake. And there’s plenty more to appreciate beyond that. Here’s why:

  • PVC free
  • Eco-friendly
  • Water resistant 
  • Quiet to walk on
  • Simple installation
  • Insulation

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This post was written by Mike Thomas