The Secret to Seamless Floor to Wall Transitions

November 5, 2020

At Trinity Surfaces, we are so much more than just a tile company. Beyond that, we are a lot more than just industry leaders in surface solutions. The team we have here are happy to share their insight from years of experience coupled with the high quality products we offer. Ranging from LVT to concrete to rubber/cork and more, our ample supply of options promise to efficiently serve every collaborator we work with.

One of our more recent innovations is the Rubber Wall Base Collection. This line of rubber wall bases, treads, and transitions comes with more than just a seamless design appeal. There are options to boot! With more than 36 core colors (plus the ability to customize) and twenty-something forms to choose from, there are no limits for what types of projects and spaces this product can cater to.

With the rubber’s natural ability to resist nearly all forms of wear and tear, this line has become an extremely popular choice for commercial interior designers

Within the collection, there are many variables to make your own. Let’s dive deeper.

Designer Wall Base

Made to look like sculpted wood wall bases, the Designer Wall Base products are much more cost effective. With its thermoplastic rubber makeup, this product is flexible, it looks great, and it withstands the tests that high traffic, commercial projects bring.

Commercial Wall Base

These options mimic the classic feel of milled wood wall bases. The difference is that these products are less expensive, easier to install, and are resistant to scuffs and wear. Flexibility is no problem, so the Commercial Wall Base options are great fits for columns, corners, and walls. 

Tread Collection

Designed to improve traction, the Tread Collection unites ADA requirements with a cost effective range to meet most budgets. These stair treads are as aesthetically pleasing as they are functional.

Transitional Reducer, Mouldings

The celebration for no more waiting starts now! The Transitional Reducer product via Trinity Surfaces makes transitioning subfloors simple and seamless. There are no delays, no need for curing time, and the leveling is quick. 

To order samples from the Rubber Wall Base Collection, give us a call 866-774-3390.

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This post was written by Elizabeth Chambley