XL Panels: Size Matters and Here’s Why

December 4, 2018

A change in time calls for a change in technology. Innovative design is usually assumed to have come from thinking and creating from “outside of the box.” Well, today we’re here to introduce something that is exactly that, in the form of tile design: XL panels!

Extra large format panels are something that most industry experts agree are needed, but have yet to be perfected on the production side. The wait is over, and we’re excited to share some innovative, new designs with you.

So, in addition to browsing these [stunning] extra large format panels, let’s talk more about the science behind them. It is important to understand why extra large panels are necessary before making any final decisions.

Let’s get to it!

Thin and durable

The XL panel design has minimal thickness but with the power of durability. These extra large panels are made from raw materials of the highest standard and have been pressed with 15,000 tons of force. The results from this process are unmatched. Because of their thinness in nature, XL panels are lightweight and easy to handle, which makes them ideal for seamless installations. Large format panels like this ones picture below are suitable for floor and wall designs, whether it’s a commercial project or a residential one.

Beautiful and ecologically sound

Beauty is in the eye of the designer, and we are confident that these extra large panels will be an industry go-to for years to come. With flexibility in mind, XL panels were created in a number of colors, with most of them being fairly neutral. This way, spaces can efficiently blend with floors and walls, regardless of when in the design process they are selected. Because they’re less thick than traditional panels, extra large format panels have a lower consumption of energy, which means their CO2 emissions are also lower. Hello, eco!

Extra large and reliability guaranteed

It does not matter which of the 8 sizes you select, they will always be two thing: extra large and perfectly flat. Other products can have jagged portions or uneven surfaces, but with the XL panels, the surfaces will always be large and flat. Because of the size variations, there are extra large panels to fit any space and/or project. What about credibility? These panels have been used worldwide for an array of projects across many industries. Additionally , it is important to note that these panels also come with a 20-year warranty!

Questions about these new XL panels? We’ve got answers! Get in touch today.

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