A favorite pick amongst talented architects, interior designers and contractors worldwide. The goal of 2tec2 is to provide innovation into today’s commercial floorings proposition with a new hybrid type of flooring. The woven vinyl and fiber glass flooring is remarkably robust, very functional and yet elegant.

2tec2 Woven Vinyl Flooring | Trinity Surfaces

2tec2 is a synthetic floor covering composed of vinyl yarns with glass fibre core, woven together on jacquard looms and finished with a homogenuous vinyl backing, reinforced with a non-woven glass fibre. Thanks to its unique composition, this superior flooring is resistant to wear and adheres to the highest quality standards.

For high traffic locations, 2tec2 delivers all of the advantages of woven vinyl – durability, hygiene and chemical, water and stain resistance – combined with the visual appeal of woven textiles. In brief, a durable solution for commercial or residential projects, both indoors and outdoors.


2tec2 has a commitment to sustainability that aligns to 0ur business strategy with todays social and environmental targets. This commitment is embedded in their day-to-day operations and the outcome is revealed in the sustainable products that are manufactured. Sustainable manufacturing is an ongoing process of improvement, a process we will forge on in the future and that is essential to our core values.

2tec2 floor covering is woven in Belgium with the greatest care for material sourcing. It is manufactured by a socially engaged team with a focus on quality, environment, health and safety.

Live Your Style

2tect2 woven vinyl flooring provides everything you need, with textured surfaces and perspective too. With technical innovations developed for the most demanding environments – offices, hotels, stores and restaurants. 2tec2 flooring adapts to any space and can be used to create a unique surface design that is both welcoming and elegant. Interested in this product? Ask a “Surface Ninja” we’d love to talk about your next surface design project.

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