Go Green from the Bottom Up with our Eco-Friendly Flooring Options

April 21, 2023 Published by

Trinity Surfaces commits to providing sustainable products and recycled content resources as you work toward choosing eco-friendly alternatives for your next project, recognizing that many traditional floors are made from materials dependent on non-renewable fossil fuels. Let’s expand on the common designer question: “what are some of the best eco-friendly flooring options?” Products to consider…... Read More »

How to Pick the Perfect Flooring for Education

June 2, 2021 Published by

The two main things that flooring for education projects must do are simple: work hard and look great. Now, although it is simply put, the actual journey of finding the perfect flooring can be a bit more challenging. Fortunately, we have created a guide to make that process a little more seamless and in the... Read More »

Budget Friendly Surface Solutions for Urban Living

May 4, 2021 Published by

There’s no doubt that the global population is rapidly growing. As more people inhabit the earth, the more dense towns and cities become and the less rural living there is. In fact, it is projected that by 2050, more than 65 percent of the world’s population will be living in urban areas. This means more... Read More »

Best Flooring for High Traffic Spaces

March 22, 2021 Published by

It is true that we carry nearly every flooring solution in the marketplace. However, we are exceptionally specialized in high traffic flooring products. Offices, shopping malls, and corporate offices are major players in our overall clientele. That’s why it is such a joy to share more information about the topic!  Research shows that laminate and... Read More »

Flooring 101: Hardwood vs. Engineered Wood

March 9, 2021 Published by

Wood-style popularity is at an all-time high because a warm and inviting aesthetic is a timeless one. And, commercial interior designers know that the value of timeless style is priceless. Long gone are the days of simply selecting one of a few, classic hardwood materials and moving on with the design process. Now, the hunt... Read More »

AVA Flor, LVT flooring from Trinity Surfaces.

Lifespans of Commercial Flooring Materials

February 25, 2021 Published by

In commercial interior design settings, the scope for every project is unique. Different objectives and functions call for different approaches. Although there are many interchangeable elements throughout the production of a space, commercial flooring is pretty straightforward. There are a handful of go-to products for a commercial interior designer when it comes to high-traffic projects.... Read More »

Commercial LVT Jackpot: The Lifestyles Collections

February 23, 2021 Published by

“Lifestyles is a high-performance luxury vinyl tile line which replicates some of the most beautiful and popular woods on the market,” explains Trinity Surfaces team member, Katie Godfrey. “The line consists of different wear layer options so it can be used anywhere from in high traffic commercial areas to multi-family units and everywhere in between.”... Read More »

Wall to Wall Coverings to Inspire

January 21, 2021 Published by

As wall coverings continue to surge in popularity, commercial interior designers have one stop shop with their Trinity Surfaces teammate. After all, surface design isn’t just about what we know. It’s about who we are. From improving spaces of all varieties to bringing a vision to life, we are hardwired to achieve one, common goal:... Read More »

Commercial Interior Design Trends for 2021

January 6, 2021 Published by

Leading the way into a new year, the Trinity Surfaces team put their heads together to create a forecast for the year ahead. The forecast features predictions and trends for commercial interior design, in 2021 and beyond. Based on our innovative adaptations in 2020, we are eager for these theories to be put to the... Read More »

4 Health Conscious Products for Commercial Projects

December 30, 2020 Published by

Over the past 525, 600 minutes, we’ve watched the world as well as our local community and our team adapt to a time that no one saw coming. 2020 certainly brought its fair share of dilemmas and curveballs, there’s no denying that. But, it also brought many things to light- in every industry, to every... Read More »