Carpet Enhances Multifamily Living Design

October 3, 2023

Although hard surfaces like porcelain tile and LVT have become increasingly popular over the years, carpet isn’t a has-been by any means. No, in fact, experts continue to count the ways that carpet can complement a space. From style and comfort to cost effectiveness, there are plenty of reasons for interior designers to consider using carpet for multifamily living projects.

Since carpet has been around for so long, the technology has also improved. Better and more stylish carpet products are being made with ease because of these advancements. The digital space has provided huge gains for carpet creators. What was once a very linear, one dimensional approach is now fluid and adaptable. 

There isn’t a better way to implement carpet than by using a line that is Trinity Surfaces approved. Impressions Bayside is a brand new collection that we are proud to share with you. 

Let’s discuss the ways that Impressions Bayside carpet can benefit multifamily living. 

How carpet benefits multifamily living

Now that collections like Impressions Bayside offer a slew of styles, there is ample reason to browse carpet for multifamily living designs. Of course, style matters but we know there has to be more facts backing our stance than just beauty. So, here are the many ways carpet supplements a space:

  • Comfortable and offers cushioning
  • Reduces sounds and noise
  • Offers warmth 
  • Emits the lowest amount of VOCs

Why carpet’s durability is underrated

Sure, we share a lot of information about the durability of hard-surfaced products. But, carpet brings its own A-game to the table. When products have high quality standards, like Impressions Bayside, they are durable beyond what most would expect. This line’s fiber, twist, and density all determine how much durability is promised.    

What carpet can do for the environment

The more durable the product, the more environmentally friendly the product is. This is because the tougher and high-performing carpet systems need replacements less often than competitors. Since Impressions Bayside is Trinity Surfaces approved, quality is inevitable. Therefore, it’s an eco-conscious choice. 

Impressions Bayside details

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Product Details

Impressions Bayside, Room Sample

Case in point: if you’re going to go with carpet, you’ve got to go with Impressions Bayside. The Trinity Surfaces team have studied and researched the very best carpet products and it is undoubtedly a top tier choice. 

Want to talk more about adding carpet to your next project? Give us a call: 866-774-3390. Last but not least, don’t forget to connect with us on Instagram for design inspiration and all of the tile nerding out you can handle.

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This post was written by Chelsea Lobser