Capri Cork & Rubber

Capri Cork & Rubber

Capri Cork, founded in November 2006, offers high quality, earth friendly, well designed commercial cork flooring.  The Capri cork, with over 40 years combined commercial flooring experience, offer a fresh approach to well-established flooring products.  With a strong emphasis on customer service excellence, top tier sales reps, cutting edge products and abundant USA inventory, Capri cork has prospered since opening.

Capri Collections

Featuring a wide variety of cork flooring and rubber flooring products, Capri Collections are continued favorite from residential and commercial designer alike. Some of their featured products include Mediterra Cork, Nuovo Rubber Cork, and Capribase their rubber wall base. Most particularly they feature a unique product called floating floors. Floating Floors are suitable for use in many commercial areas including multi-family, student housing, assisted living, retail, hospitality and corporate as well as in installations where budgets and/or lease length do not allow for gluedown products, in temporary spaces and for fast track jobs. Floating floors can be installed on, above or below grade over many hard surface installations and as the name implies, floating floors “float” as a unit with expansion spaces necessary. Since floating floor installations are glueless, they can be walked on immediately after installation. Always working to always keep their customers pleased this company is one where you will never be disappointed by what you get.

Cari Collections from Trinity Surfaces

With a strong emphasis on customer service excellence, top tier sales reps, cutting edge products and an abundant USA inventory, Capri cork in thriving throughout the country. Looking to use Capri Collections on your next project? Contact a Surface Ninja today, to get started with your surface design.

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Capri Cork, cork flooring from Trinity Surfaces and Capri Collections

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