Mirth Studio

Mirth Studio

Mirth Studio launched in 2014 introducing the world’s first printed hardwood floor tiles of their kind! Mirth Studio has since grown to include other home decor products like Peel and Stick Floor Decals, Peel and Stick Wallcovering, patterned Stair Risers, wall art and wooden wall tiles.

Manufactured In The U.S.A

All the tiles manufactured by Mirth Studio, including their classic wood floor tiles are proudly manufactured in the USA using the highest quality, precision-milled engineered hardwood.

Patterned Hardwood Tiles


  • Their tiles are easily installed right over plywood or concrete—no sanding, staining or sealing
  • They can be glued down on a level subfloor or installed as a floating floor which can be removed at a later date (check out their Installation Instructions for more details)
  • They are pre finished saving on time and money
  • Our engineered hardwood won’t warp or buckle like typical strip wood flooring
  • Our tiles are completely customizable. Whatever design you can think of we can make into a tile

Mirth Studio, Environmentally Friendly

Engineered Hardwood uses much less natural hardwood than solid plank flooring. Mirth Studio tiles are made of two (2) thin hardwood layers sandwiching a substrate made of wood pulp (a waste product) which contains no formaldehyde or other toxic preservatives

Their UV finish emits no VOCs during or after the curing process

“100% of the timber used to manufacture our tiles is harvested from plantation grown trees.”

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