AVA Flor

October 19, 2015 Published by

ALLOW US TO INTRODUCE A WORLDWIDE LEADER IN LUXURY VINYL FLOORING! A company, who not only cares about quality and innovative designs, but the environment as well. A company, who’s manufacturing plant is 100% waste free. A company, who has a ton of certifications such as HPD, EPD, floor score and much more. A company,... Read More »

Procedo LOOM | Procedo Flooring from Trinity Surfaces


October 5, 2015 Published by

INTRODUCING PROCEDO LOOM Produced by infusing a durable fabric top layer with an LVT bottom layer, Procedo LOOM+ provides the dependability of LVT and unlimited design capabilities that fabrics and textiles offer. LOOM+ also comes pre-finished with one of the most durable Polyurethane factory finishes on the market. Our ceramic enhanced PU finish allows for... Read More »