Thanks to Centaur’s Sound Reducer, Silence is Golden

July 17, 2019 Published by

A long-standing premier product pick from team Trinity Surfaces comes from Centaur Floor Systems. The truth is in their name. Centaur isn’t just a company that offers high-quality flooring. No, in fact, they offer so much more. Centaur offers complete flooring systems that exceed expectations alongside customer service that can’t be beat! That’s a dynamic... Read More »

Sequel 2.0: Eco-Friendly Tile with the Highest Durability

July 2, 2019 Published by

Our love and respect for Capri Collections Cork & Rubber flooring go way back. Among our many praises for this material, a few come to mind right away. For starters, it’s recyclable. We love a good, environmentally friendly surface! Next, it’s highly durable and sustains just as well (sometimes better) as other resilient flooring options.... Read More »