Makers Gonna Make: Tile Tabletops

January 3, 2019

It’s a new year and we’re full of excitement about the future! One of the top pastimes here at Trinity Surfaces is sharing ideas. Whether we’re innovating new products professionally or trying to find creative inspiration personally, we look to our team for fresh ideas.

During a recent idea-sharing session, team Trinity Surfaces were talking about DIY (do-it-yourself) projects and more specifically, upcycling furniture. Of course, being a bunch of tile nerds, we ended up talking about how to use tile to maximize these types of home improvement efforts.

One of our favorite ideas was using tile as a tabletop! We started researching and learned that the idea is not only genius, but also pretty popular. We found a number of different approaches to making tile tabletops, but have narrowed it down to our favorites.

Step by step

For the crafty do-it-yourselfer, HGTV shared this simple how-to guide to get things going:

  1. Draw out a design on a piece of paper and then transfer it (using a marker) onto the tabletop.
  2. Create a color scheme using 3-4 different colors. Ideally, you’ll have one background color and a few accent colors.
  3. Purchase individual wall tiles ranging in size from 3”x3” to 6”x6.”
  4. Take the tile, wrap it in a blanket/cloth and while wearing safety goggles, use a hammer to break up the tile inside the blanket.
  5. Use tiles that naturally fill the design that was drawn in Step 1 and arrange them to fit into it.
  6. Use mastic adhesive to start laying down the pieces of tile onto the tabletop/surface.
  7. Break other tiles along the way to fill up the design.
  8. To fill in the gaps, use grout and a grout float.
  9. To complete the project, apply a wipe-on sealant.

Ceramic tile tabletop

A non-profit favorite at Trinity Surfaces is Habitat for Humanity. They shared this informative video on making a ceramic tabletop using an old coffee table.

Sharpie mosaic tabletop

Yes, sharpie, like the permanent marker. This is perhaps our most fascinating find on tile tabletops. We can’t stop watching this timelapse of hand drawn mosaics!

Patio tile tabletop

Using an old, patio glass top table, this professional DIY-er was able to pull of a brand new look, just in time to entertain some guests!

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This post was written by Aida Barroso