10 Outdoor Concepts That Redefine “Home”

March 7, 2018

If there’s one thing we can all agree on, it’s the truth that the outdoors are in fact, great. With warmer weather on the horizon, we were recently inspired by some beautiful outdoor home designs.

So, we did what any reasonable [and creative] team would do. We scoured Pinterest to find our favorites that will hopefully inspire you!

The team here at Trinity Surfaces talked about what comes to mind when they think of an outdoor space for the home. The top answers, over and over, were “family,” “community,” and “making memories.”

These outdoor design ideas embody all of those things, and more– truly defining “house goals.”

Let’s check them out!

This hanging daybed is the perfect accent to a concrete structure.

Mix the great outdoors with the lap of luxury, and here we are!

One of our favorite parts of this design is the floor that pops with color!

Country rustic meets community with this awesomely stylist structure.

This space brings the comfort of a luxurious living room into the great outdoors.

One word comes to mind with this space: “peace.”

A simple, clean design is almost always made better with a pattern in the flooring!

We love the log cabin vibe of this community space! It looks like the perfect place for a holiday meal.

With this fire-focused, circular design a sense of community is inevitable.

In a genre all its own, this tiny house makes the most of every inch. After all, who needs an outdoors space with views like these?

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This post was written by Matt Hepner