Budget Friendly Surface Solutions for Urban Living

May 4, 2021

There’s no doubt that the global population is rapidly growing. As more people inhabit the earth, the more dense towns and cities become and the less rural living there is. In fact, it is projected that by 2050, more than 65 percent of the world’s population will be living in urban areas. This means more multi-family and commercial projects will be necessary to accommodate the sheer number of people on the planet. 

Now, with that knowledge in towe, experts created a collection tailor-fitted to an urbanized, substantial population. They’ve come up with a surface solution for every scenario. No matter what the scope is, there’s a solution inside the brand new Urban Living Collection. From wall tile to floor tile and from carpet to hardwood, this line meets the utter demand for budget friendly urban design elements. 

With the Urban Living Collection, commercial interior designers can gain confidence from beautiful results, but without breaking the bank. It’s great for multi-family facilities, hotels, and senior living projects. To be blunt: for the price points and the variety of quality products in this line, it’s pretty much a steal for any interior designer.      

Let’s go a bit more in-depth about this collection.

Wall tile

Name a style or decor for wall tile and the Urban Living Collection probably has it available. There are endless colors, styles, patterns, and shapes to browse. Commercial interior designers can enjoy simplicity with neutral options or go big with a bold statement solution. There’s a product for every type of project style, from rustic or modern to contemporary or art deco- and everything in between. The line features fresh takes on wall coverings you won’t want to miss.

Floor tile

If low cost luxury is the future, then we’re way ahead of the game. The Urban Living Collection offers flooring solutions that tie quality and beauty together but without the hefty price point. In addition to natural stone looks, the flooring options expand to wood and concrete styles that can be complements to any space. 

Hardwood and resilient

Not only does the Urban Living Collection offer one of our all-time greatest selling LVT, but there are also other new styles to browse. These wood look designs are a cost effective way for commercial interior designers to implement the luxury of hardwood into tight budgets (and spaces). The new product featured in this category of the Urban Living line is called Adirondack.


In case you missed it, carpet is making a serious comeback! Not only did Opendoor spend $1 million on carpet for its properties recently, but Houzz’s data also showed that nearly 20 percent of homeowners purchased carpet as new flooring within the last few years. Those are big trends that point towards a real uptick in the demand for carpet! Fortunately, the Urban Living Collection has plenty of gorgeous carpet to choose from. The all new Impressions Bayside line is innovative and well worth considering for commercial projects. 



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This post was written by Mike Thomas