Cutting-Edge Design Meets Healthcare Facility Demands 

July 27, 2020

With our Living Well program, we take our knack for detail and place it inside the evolving world of healthcare. Through hundreds of hours of research and countless case studies, we can proudly say that this collection is the best in its class. From concrete effect to wood look to perfected porcelain styles, there is a solution for every healthcare space in the Living Well collection.

Whenever a patient walks through the entrance of a healthcare facility, there are endless possibilities as to what they may be facing. The design of the facility can undoubtedly have an effect on their overall experience. It is more important than ever to ensure that healthcare facility design exceeds the expectations of any patient, while keeping them as comfortable as possible.

Let’s get right to it, shall we?

Maximizing a calming aesthetic

Natural materials are a genuine source of calmness, whether it’s through direct or indirect design elements. If natural light cannot be controlled, then the modern healthcare interior designer must pivot. They have to utilize what they can control, which is where we come in. After natural light, floor and wall solutions are next in the hierarchy of interior design. Healthcare facilities need to be three things: peaceful, easy to navigate, and energizing. Of course, there’s a proper place for each of these needs. So, we handpicked the finest [imitation] natural products for the Living Well program. This way, interior designers can browse a wide selection of products with the confidence that each one has the same amount of calming power. We know for a fact that the human to nature connection should never be overlooked or underestimated. 

Playing with color psychology

Color matters. We know this from scientific research, but we also know it because we are practically married to interior design. And, you can’t be successful in interior design without acknowledging and appreciating the power of color. For healthcare facilities, color is arguably one of the most important factors that goes into a single room, space, or office. For the Living Well program, we kept that in mind. We made sure that every professional can be met with a wide range of color options for healthcare design projects. To do this, we mostly focused on the end result while building the program, which is the healthcare facility itself. To stay true to the three needs of every healthcare facility (peaceful, easy to navigate, energizing), you’ll see a lot of calming combinations.

Ensuring trusted quality

Our decades of experience give us an added set of knowledge for these kinds of projects and products. Our Living Well program showcases all of the keys for efficient healthcare design: durable, compliant, practical, and beautiful. When you choose to work with Team Trinity Surfaces, you’ll do so with the confidence of knowing that we are wholly dedicated to you. You and your project become our project, too. That kind of quality can’t be measured by a price tag. It’s just what we do. Your success and satisfaction is why we do it. 

Oftentimes, it can be easy to underestimate the importance of healthcare interior design. Truth be told, it might be some of the most important work that a designer undertakes. Its end purpose can be a bright spot in someone’s darkness. And we are eager to help amplify that bright spot!

We’re here and we’re ready to talk with you about how the Living Well program can not only fit your needs, but make the world a little bit brighter, too. Let’s talk.

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This post was written by Matt Hepner