Decorative Concrete: Controlled, Consistent Surface Design

April 9, 2019

Aggretex is a well-known brand of decorative concrete. It is known for its quality and predictability, but most of all, for its stunning results. As the appeal of modern and clean designs grows, Aggretex is poised to be a long-term leader in surface design.

Traditionally, most interior designers wouldn’t look to concrete for the foundation of project’s overall aesthetic. It is no secret that the material has a rich history in commercial and residential construction, but not so much in interiors or smaller projects.

Although concrete has been a go-to for builders since the beginning of civilization, it is just now getting housebroken. What was once seen as a material that could best be used for roads, bridges, and buildings is finding its way into residential kitchens, floors, and walls.

With the rise of decorative concrete comes a rise in product options. We are big fans of Aggretex Systems because of the dynamic functionality and a dedication to quality. These guys are all about the perfect fit, with a bottom line of “the right products for the right applications.”

So, speaking of products, let’s break it down.

Aggretex Smashed

The Smashed product is meant to be used as a wet-on-wet patented paving system. It can be ground of exposed after installation, and is well suited for new construction. It can be used in interior or exterior projects. With a 8,400+ PSI and its color, Smashed is a beautifully decorative, high performing option.

InteriorEFX PCT

This cement-based, self-leveling product is suited for a top-layer/polished design. It is made to be used in interior spaces. This product is not a standalone source of surface design. To be used properly, it must be mixed with Smashed. Upon installation, to get maximum results, it can be diamond polished as soon as 36 hours have passed.

Aggretex Smooth

Made for interior spaces, Smooth is a cement-based and non-shrinking product. As a standalone product, Smooth’s sole purpose is in its name: to produce a smooth, flat, hard surface. It can be used to level out uneven floors and get rid of unwanted blemishes or imperfections that new construction might yield.

These are just the base products from Aggretex Systems. Surface ninjas can also utilize the following that come from Aggretex:

  • Primer
  • Epoxy
  • Densifier
  • Protectant
  • Patching repair system

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This post was written by Mike Thomas