Netflix for Designers: Must-See Shows and Films

March 1, 2018

When the Trinity Surfaces team aren’t surface ninja-ing, they enjoy the simple things in life, like…Netflix!
We can’t think of many folks who don’t mind mixing business with pleasure. That’s why we’ve searched the Internet [and Netflix] far and wide to find the top shows and films for designers to indulge in!
So, the next time you’re vegging out for the weekend or unplugging on a weeknight, consider watching one of these recommendations!

1. “Abstract: The Art of Design”

What it is: “Abstract” is a Netflix original series that documents the lives and work of multiple designers. 

2. “If You Build It”

What it is: “If You Build It” is an inspiring true story about a group of high school students who learn to design and construct a new building on their school’s campus.

3. “Dior and I”

What it is:  “Dior and I” is a documentary-style film that follows designer, Raf Simmons as he prepares his first line for Christian Dior.

4. “Iris”

What it is: “Iris” is a critically acclaimed documentary about the famed designer, Iris Apfel. 

5. “Metropolis”

What it is: “Metropolis” is a silent movie filmed in 1927. Don’t let that deter you! If anything, give this one a whirl because of its out-of-the-box approach to set design.

6. “Exit Through The Gift Shop”

What it is: Whether you have (or haven’t) heard of street-artist, Banksy, “Exit Through The Gift Shop” is a must-watch; as the theories surrounding his/her work and identity spiral on. 

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This post was written by Jennifer Horning