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The Ultimate Guide to Pet Friendly Flooring

January 8, 2018

Let’s be honest. Aside from visual appeal, flooring’s top priority is durability. Whether it’s tracking muddy muck through the house after playtime or splashing gallons of water around during bath-time, pets push durability to the limit. We are often ask about pet friendly flooring options.

Obviously, we think that man’s best friend is always worth the mess! But, it doesn’t hurt to be knowledgeable about flooring so that you can make the right decision for your next home improvement project, with your best [fur] friend in mind.

Let’s explore some amazing pet friendly flooring options. Then, we’ll go over how to keep those floors in tip-top shape after installation.

Top five picks from Team Trinity Surfaces

Porcelain Flooring

All in all, porcelain is by far the best pet friendly flooring on the market. Not only is it extremely scratch-resistant, it’s also solid all the way through. Being non-porous, porcelain flooring offers little to no absorption (goodbye, stains!), and it is ridiculously easy to clean and maintain.

Vinyl Flooring

Vinyl flooring gives the aesthetic appeal of hardwood or luxury tile but is much easier to maintain. Plus, it’s usually cheaper! This flooring option is durable and you can count on it being able to stand up to the stress that pets (and children, for that matter) will be putting on it.

Laminate Flooring

Similar to vinyl flooring, laminate provides an alluring visual since it looks exactly like hardwood. One of the main differences is that laminate is much more slippery than vinyl, so try and find a design that offers some traction. Another thing to mindful of with laminate flooring is the risk of stains from spills or accidents. Be sure to clean up any messes as quickly as possible with this choice!

Cork Flooring

Last, but most definitely not least, cork flooring is right up there with bamboo when it comes to being awesome pet friendly flooring. Beautiful design options allow for visual satisfaction, and it’s microbial (deflects the growth of bacteria/allergens) and scratch resistant. Cork also absorbs sound, so if you have a barker, it will lessen the noise.

Cleaning pet friendly flooring

Before applying any cleaner or solution to your floors, it is important to be in the know about what you can and can’t use on your particular floor. However, the best pet friendly flooring options usually respond well to these recipes.

  • Using detergent
    • combine a quarter-of-a-teaspoon of mild dish soap (we use Dawn) with one cup of warm water
  • Using vinegar
    • combine two tablespoons of white vinegar with four cups of warm water

Still not sure of which type of flooring is the best pet friendly flooring for you? Talk to a Trinity Surfaces Surface Ninja, and we’ll be able to help you pick the right kind!

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This post was written by David Insogna