Quartz Flooring: Durable, Functional, Sustainable

December 22, 2020

It is no secret that product demands shift with every generation of creators and builders. Currently, it is safe to confirm that quality is atop the list of demands for this generation of interior designers. Products cannot just look beautiful, they must perform and endure as well. This generation would rather invest in a quality product one time than purchase a lesser version multiple times over the same time period.  

Trends in this kind of buying behavior are always fluctuating, but as the current generation ages, their need for quality doesn’t waver. To address these facts, creators around the globe have had to rethink their strategies and focus on new ways to capitalize. The flooring industry is no exception. Designers and builders are putting quality, above style and looks, at the forefront of their creations. 

For us, Procedo has always been committed to quality. Beyond that, they continually excel in being ahead of the game. Literally translated from the latin, the brand name (Procedo) means “advance.” And, if the current demand for quality is an equation to be solved, then Procedo’s Versa Quartz is the answer.

Quartz is a harder material than its natural competitor, granite. So, it offers a tougher surface. According to experts, “quartz is nearly indestructible.” Procedo saw the nature of quartz as an opportunity to create a tough, sustainable, and beautiful product.    

Let’s dive deeper into the world of Procedo and their new Versa Quartz collection.

Quality and style together

Tying together the need for beauty and desire for quality is what Procedo does best. The Versa Quartz line does just that and brings a multitude of opportunities to the table. With 18 gorgeous colors and popular sizes to choose from, interior designers can create with confidence and flexibility.

Eco-friendly selection

Unlike granite or other natural stone, which use a ton of energy to quarry, quartz is engineered. The lack of energy use makes quartz a more sustainable, eco-conscious choice. An added bonus is that this entire line is made in the USA!

Durable beyond measure

Last, but perhaps most crucial to its appeal, the Versa Quartz collection from Procedo comes jam packed with decades of promise. There is a 20-year warranty that comes with the product, and depending on the application, it can endure beautifully for up to 40 years!

Unsurprisingly, Procedo continues to live up to their name and we are always inspired by their innovative efforts. The Trinity Surfaces team are proud to utilize these products and bring them into projects of all specs- from retail to education to healthcare.

Let’s chat about how the Versa Quartz by Procedo can benefit your project: 888-774-3390.

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This post was written by Jennifer Horning