Surface Ninja Talk: Outdoor Landscaping Tips

March 28, 2018

Aside from creating your own personal paradise outdoor landscaping offers more than just peace of mind. It is proven that great outdoor home design increases the value of a home immensely. In fact, an outdoor design investment is actually worth more than any interior design revamp.

That fact coupled with the growing trend of most people preferring to spend their time outside gives homeowners more than enough reason to consider improving curb appeal with the best outdoor design ideas on the market.

That’s where we come in! [insert Surface Ninja, superhero theme song]

We’re here to give you the top tips on increasing the awesomeness that is your home:

Beautiful shelter

Consider building or purchasing a solid structure that you’ll be able to enjoy the great outdoors with, regardless of the elements. Depending on your locale, it can be an open-air space or a more closed off option.


Stunning porcelain pavers

Adding porcelain pavers to any outdoor space is a surefire way to add both beauty and luxury. Whether it’s the floor for a pool deck or stepping stones for a walkway, porcelain pavers are a unique way to beautify a home.


Refreshing greenery

Greenery and/or flowers with color can make an outdoor space pop (in the best way). Try some of these ideas to see which one might fit your space the best.


Comfy furniture

The shelter, scenery, and entertainment of an outdoor space are all super important. But, let’s not forget a necessity: comfy furniture! There are outdoor furniture options for every budget. Here are some of our favorites.


A water installation

Water is calming by nature, so adding it to your outdoor space doesn’t have any cons. It can be as simple as a small fountain or as complex as a paved waterway. No matter how you incorporate it into a space, it’s always worth it!


Now that you’ve got some stellar outdoor design ideas, put them to work! We can’t wait to see what you do with your outdoor space!

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This post was written by Jason Beamer