Zion Plus a Luxury Vinyl Flooring Dream

July 8, 2020

Durability is no doubt at the top of most commercial interior designers’ lists of priorities when it comes to quality products. Commercial means high volume and high volume calls for craftsmanship that can withstand the tests of both time and traffic. Since luxury vinyl flooring is such a widely used go-to for commercial projects, interior designers hunt for a surface solution with many talents. That’s where Zion Plus comes in!

Luxury vinyl flooring typically takes the cake among commercial interior designers for a number of reasons. It is usually water resistant, low maintenance, and it can be made to flow with the creative design of almost any space. Designs that perfectly imitate wood, stone, and ceramic are popular picks- with good reason! 

So, to further our case for Zion Plus, we have broken it down into a single question. Why would anyone choose something as costly and high maintenance as a raw material when you can achieve the same beauty without the hassle and a lower price point?

We’re still waiting for an answer on that, but in the meantime, let’s talk more about Zion Plus and the many advantages it brings.

Supreme durability, flexibility

Symbolically, the word “Zion” represents the essence of a king. Words like strong, steadfast, and staunch also come to mind when referring to this supreme ideal. That’s why Zion Plus is all of those things and more, offering extra durability and flexibility by design.

A boost in time & money

Because of Zion Plus’ ease of installation and built-in noise technology, time and money can both be saved by choosing it. The ease of installation eliminates extra hours of labor brought on by more complex solutions. And, the built-in sound reduction alleviates the need for further installation to achieve the same goal.

Desirable sound reduction

The Zion Plus collection offers a Surface Guardian Pro finish and a 1mm cushion backing. This exceeds any and all expectations for supreme noise reduction with a High Sound rating test result of IIC 67! The construction of the material used for this flooring will not delaminate like other products in the same field. 

Budget friendly option

With price point at the forefront of many budget and buying decisions, Zion Plus is a win in this department as well. The cost should always be well below its competitors’. Need we say more?

Want to talk more about Zion Plus and how it can benefit your project? Connect with a Trinity Surfaces ninja now. We’re always here to help.

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This post was written by Claire Scoon