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6 Answers to the Most Frequently Asked Questions About Porcelain Tile

September 4, 2018

Porcelain Tile FAQ’S

Porcelain tile designs are used for all kinds of projects; from multi-family housing to corporate spaces, and from walls to floors to backsplashes.

Although it is clear that porcelain tile is a great option to consider, that doesn’t mean that it’s always the right option to choose. If the job fits, that’s one thing. But, if porcelain tile is selected and installed strictly because of its beauty or popularity, it could be a mistake.

To help clear the air, Team TS has compiled six of the most popular porcelain tile faq’s.

Our squad of certified Surface Ninjas like to get straight to the point, so let’s dive into these porcelain tile faq’s!

How are ceramic tile and porcelain tile different?

Porcelain tile is different from ceramic tile because during the creation process, it is blended with sand and heated to become a tougher, more durable surface. This process makes it less porous and susceptible to spills and water damage.

Where is porcelain tile best utilized?

Due to its durable nature, porcelain does well in high-traffic spaces, like kitchens, common areas, and bathroom. It is a go-to for a lot of designers and builders who seek to get the most bang for their buck – porcelain is as tough as it is pretty to look at.

What’s the best way to clean porcelain tile flooring?

It’s known for its “easy upkeep.” So, if you choose porcelain for your next project, you can do it confidently with the knowledge that it can be well-maintained with a simple broom sweeping or mopping session.

What’s a clean and tidy porcelain tile option that is versatile for any space?

During your hunt, filter your results to show only porcelain tile that is “rectified.” This type of design is perfectly squared, without the rough or “sandy” looking edges which results in less/barely-there grout lines. Although it is actually porcelain, it gives the effect of a smooth concrete floor.

How much does it cost to install porcelain tile flooring?

Like most design and build products, the cost of porcelain tile installation varies. There are a wide variety of options, but to keep this answer straight-forward, the cost ranges from $2.00 to $100.00 per square foot. Tile installation pro tip: get quotes from at least three installers before choosing the one that is right for you!

How are glazed and unglazed porcelain tile different?

The products themselves are pretty much the same, like a glazed or unglazed doughnut. The batter, the cake, and the shape are almost identical. The only difference lies on top (or not) of the product. Similarly (though less edible), glazed porcelain is created post-process to add color to the surface of the tile, as well as reduce the size of any porous parts. It makes the final product more glossy as well as a bit more slippery. Meanwhile, unglazed porcelain has color added during the process so that it is mixed all the way through the tile.

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