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Why You Should Choose Porcelain Tile

January 12, 2018

The digital age has brought a lot of opportunities for every industry. Flooring and home improvement are no exception. Thanks to Google, consumers can find out everything they need to know about practically anything with just a swift click of their mouse (or smartphone touchscreen).

With the overly saturated state of the Internet, it can be hard to navigate credible resources who will tell you exactly what you need to know without an ulterior motive.

The team here at Trinity Surfaces is happy to help you do just that. Today, we’re going to dive deeper into a wealth of knowledge about porcelain tile, and why we recommend it more often than not.

Porcelain tile products are beautifully and effectively crafted so they appeal to both visual satisfaction and durability standards. This is one of the main points we bring up when people ask, “why choose porcelain tile?”

Let’s expand on that, and discover some more justification on why choosing porcelain tile is always a good decision.

Highly durable

Unlike other flooring options, porcelain is non-porous. This means it won’t soak up spills or messes, which would otherwise leave unwanted stains. Because of its non-porous nature, porcelain will also repel water as opposed to soaking it up. Additionally, it’s a much harder material than other flooring. Scratches and moderate wear-and-tear won’t stand a chance against beautiful porcelain floors! If you go with porcelain flooring, you’ll have great flooring for life!

Easy upkeep

Porcelain tile products require very little maintenance. So, of course it’s an industry-wide favorite. Life is already a little messy for all of us, so why add to the to-do list with unwanted chores and hours of cleaning labor? Speaking of messes, porcelain is also the most pet friendly flooring around! It won’t harbor allergens, mold, parasites, or other bacteria, which makes for easy cleanups and allergy-free living. A brush of a broom or a swoop of a mop will typically get the job done instantly.

Uniquely versatile

Since there are an endless number of porcelain tile designs offered, there is an option for any space. The tile is so beautiful that it can be made to imitate natural stone like granite or limestone. Or, it can be made to fit other projects that call for a totally different feel, like leather or fabric. Did we mention that it’s even offered in animal print designs?

Porcelain Tile | Best all around tile

In a nutshell, why choose porcelain tile? It’s the most durable, long-lasting, beautiful, easy-to-maintain option that you’ll find in the marketplace!

Want to learn more about porcelain flooring options near you? Talk to a Surface Ninja today!

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This post was written by Elizabeth Chambley