WOW 3D wall tile from Trinity Surfaces.

Addicted to Shapes? Here Are 6 Products To Get Your Fix

November 8, 2017

Brands like LSI, Audrey Lane, and Jamie Beckwith are literally changing the game of interior design. Through product innovation and the exploration of flooring patterns, custom tile, and geometric tiles, dream spaces have never been more tangible.

As designers, inspiration is everywhere. Shapes, colors, and textures can take the blueprint of an interior design project from A to Z in a matter of moments.

So, let’s dive in and find some shape inspiration of our own, shall we?


The creators over at LSI are on point with their game of shapes, combining parallelograms to tell unique stories for every space. Below is one of their staggered layouts. Click the image for more shape inspo from LSI!

LSI Floors geometric tiles, Shapes collection from Trinity Surfaces

Audrey Lane

Flooring patterns come alive with the custom tile tool from Audrey Lane! The variety is vast, but the sense of luxury doesn’t waiver. Below is the Triangles design, which we simply adore. Click the image for more share worthy inspiration.

Audrey Lane Collection geometric tiles, Triangle pattern from Trinity Surfaces


2tec2 takes five standard shapes and helps you morph them into one-of-a-kind designs for your next project. Below is one of the shapes in the  “2tec2 Play” flooring collection. Click the image for more from one of our favorite brands!

2tec2 geometric tiles, Play collection from Trinity Surfaces

Jamie Beckwith

Lover of shapes with a thing for wood surfacing? Look no further than the Jamie Beckwith Collection. Below is a shape design from the  Enigma collection, one of our personal favorites. Click the image to see more from the super talented, Jamie Beckwith.

Jamie Beckwith Collection geometric tiles, Enigma collection from Trinity Surfaces

Trinity Tile

Trinity Tile’s geometric tiles are uniquely beautiful, perfect for any commercial or residential project. Below is the Wood Dimensions collection. Click the image to download the brochure from Trinity Tile.

Trinity Tile geometric tiles, Wood Dimensions collection from Trinity Surfaces

Wow Design

Design inspiration from Wow spans a slew of shapes and hues. Personally, we’re big fans of their non-traditional approaches, like the Loop design (pictured). Click the image to explore Wow’s design gallery!

WOW Design Studio geometric tiles, Cement collection from Trinity Surfaces

Geometric Tiles

So, designer friends: in a world full of squares, we encourage you to dare to be different!

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This post was written by Elizabeth Chambley